[Video] DIY Sachet with Epsom Salts?!

DIY Lavender Sachets with Epsom Salts
Fabric sachets. These are my go to “need a gift in a hurry” diy. As I may have mentioned a time or twenty, I’m a little thrifty when it comes to supplies. Lavender, while lovely and amazing, can be expensive. So, I opted for what I already had at home. Lavender-scented epsom salts. I always have epsom salts because my bathtub is my happy place. Calgon take me away. Check out this Calgon ad from the 70’s or 80’s – she might need more than a bath, maybe Prozac. 

Anyway…these could not be easier to make. In fact, I put together a little video to walk you through. Be kind in your comments, okay? I’m no Calgon model.