Upcycling is for the Birds: DIY Feeders & Houses

I mentioned this video earlier in the week in my post about Earth Week DIYs. As a family we’re really working hard on making something from “nothing” as my oldest, Riley, would say or “diggin’ for some treasure islands” is what Lola called it when I caught her going head-first into the trash. We’re big on cardboard toys right now and have given up soda (begrudgingly; I would mainline cherry coke if it were socially acceptable), but luckily our neighbors have been saving their bottles for us to create all kinds of goodness.

Check out this post for DIY birdfeeders from a Pringle’s can (I was forced to buy/eat (a lot) of these for the birds. I did it for the birds, you know.), some spoons, and various plastic bottles. And bird houses made from found (around the house) objects like tea pots!

We’re having so much fun crafting things together as a family. Look for all sorts of cardboard armor and shields from Riley, he’s obsessed with Spartans right now. And Lola mostly likes to poke holes in things and tie some yarn on it, so be on the look out for that soon, too.

Happy Earth week/month/year my sweets! No go raid your trash for “treasure islands” or just random stuff needing a second chance!

xo, Jennifer

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