Upcycled Garden Tool Box with Vintage Seed Packet Printables

upcycled Garden Tool Box

We moved into our home late last summer and we’ve little grass or landscaping, so we’re starting from scratch this year. And I’m so excited! I’m great with potted plants and giving the yard a go this year. I bought a few new plants (purple phlox for the beds, two blue hydrangea bushes, and working on taming the climbers that we inherited) and tools for myself for Mother’s Day.

thrifted box for garden tools

My mom thrifted this little green box and suggested I use it for garden tool storage. Perfect! It originally came from Hobby Lobby and it looks like they still have them for about $8. She’s a great gardener and has a huge collection of vintage seed packets, so I thought I’d find a few online to give this a little update.

You can find some really beautiful seed packet printables for free from the Smithsonian Library. I loved this patriotic one and thought it was perfect for Memorial Day.

Iowa Flag Seed Packet

Flat box with lid
Seed Packet Printables
Mod Podge (made my own)
Liner (I used some padding & oil cloth)

I was out of Mod Podge so I made some quickly (and really inexpensively!) with 1 part water to two parts white Elmers school glue. Mix it up with a foam brush and that’s it!

mod podge vintage seed packets to box

I printed a seed packet print for the front and one for the inside. I used my homemade Mod Podge and painted the back of the print and place it where I wanted. Then I painted over the front being sure to get all the edges and corners, smoothing the wrinkles as I went. I did the same for the inside print. I had to turn it sideways to fit my box, but I loved it so much that I didn’t care.

garden box liner

I used some foam scraps that mom had to line the box and covered it with a piece of oil cloth to make it 1) pretty and 2) cleanable! I didn’t glue them in because I wanted to be able to wash and/or replace if necessary.

diy garden tool box

I love the way it turned out and fits my tools perfectly! I think I’m going to add some legs to make it a little side table to keep on the porch. We’ve had lots and lots of rain over the long weekend, and  I can’t wait for my plants to start needing a little trimming and care!

Happy Memorial Day everyone! And a special thank you to all of the service men and women. We are so grateful.