Thrifted Decor: Style & Cleaning

thirfted sofa

Nearly my entire house is furnished with thrifted items, hand-me-downs, and roadside finds. I don’t really have a style (well, I do just not in real life, at my house), it’s more just a collection of stuff  that was someone else’s style, or cast offs of their style. So how do you craft a life, a home,  with someone else’s style? I’m still figuring that out. Emma Stone talked about her love of Pinterest (and mom blogs) on a talk show recently and about how her “Pinterest” apartment is beautiful and stylish, but her actual apartment is empty.

I think I’m a lot like that. Online I think I’ve pretty good taste, but in real life I don’t quite know how to put it together or what to choose. Or maybe I just don’t care so much about those things? I got this boxy sofa, chair, and ottoman for $50 at the Boy Scout yard sale over the weekend. It’s dirty and needs some love, but it “has good bones” as they say. It’s not what I would buy for myself (even though I did), but it could work. Right? And it’s an upgrade from the I need a sofa now! World Market one that I had.

I’m always telling the kids to be happy with and grateful for what they have . And for the most part I am. I just don’t always know how to piece it together in a way that makes it feel like home. So I hit Pinterest for some real room inspiration – not the perfectly styled, curated ones. Only to find beautifully curated rooms of thrifted items in real people houses. And I wondered if I could do the same. I’m loving these so much and need to just embrace my finds, right?

Image via SaucyDwellings

Image via SaucyDwellings


Image via Retro Renovations – a real readers mostly thrifted living room

I’m working on lots of no sew projects this month to keep the habit of crafting, and maybe I need to no sew up some new pillows and/or tackle the new (to me) sofa and chair as a big upholstery project soon. Stay tuned. I’ll probably be asking for advice on what to do with these babies soon.

Oh, and I’ll share some tips on how to clean your thrifted treasures after I go over these guys one more time.

xo, Jennifer