Spring Breakdowns: The Craft Blues


We live in a border town and one kid goes to school in Missouri and one in Kansas, with two different spring breaks. The older one wanted to play Call of Duty the entire week for his and now the younger one wants to make things all week. Pretty cool. But already I’m exhausted.

Little’s cousin’s go to the same school, so we’re having a couple of girls days. So far we’ve written a play, played outside, made books, did some embroidery, played dress up, and they’ve eaten everything. It’s been pretty fun!

While we were doing all of those things I was trying to work on a quilt top from a tutorial. And it just went all wrong. I kept making silly mistakes. The girls gave me time to work, but I just couldn’t get it. Super frustrating.


No one talks about how defeating this stuff can be sometimes. We laugh at our Craft FAILS and marvel at the amazing projects on Pinterest, but the in between gets a little lost. I’m feeling kind of in between today. I know I’m capable of stitching some fabric together, but sometimes it just doesn’t work.

Today is one of those days.


I’m excited to keep making, but frustrated that even “simple” things aren’t coming easily. Not throwing a pity party, well because I’m sure someone on Pinterest threw it better, but I’ve got the craft blues today.

Ever feel like that? How do you get your creative spirit back? Please leave a comment today, I’m a little needy. 😉

xo, Jennifer