[Video] Spray Foam Picture Frames

diy gold picture frames

As it started to get colder I used some spray insulation to fill a rather large gap around a window in my bedroom. And as careful as I tried to be it was a puffy, foamy mess – but it made some pretty cool shapes as the excess fell on the floor. Fast forward to when I was thinking about buying new picture frames for the living room. I wanted something gold and original, with an interesting shape. I remembered the spray foam! I saw something similar at a restaurant and knew I could replicate the look and feel of their gold, textured frames with the foam.

how to make picture frames

I love the way they turned out! It’s a pretty easy (albeit messy) project. You just need some of spray foam insulation, cardboard, and spray paint. We used Great Stuff brand and it’s pretty great stuff, indeed! You’ll want some gloves, newspaper, and scrap cardboard for your work space, too.

Here’s a quick video to show you how to make these diy picture frames. (I think I’m gonna start wearing kitchen gloves in all my videos. Safety first!)

I’m excited to keep playing with this technique. I think it would look fantastic as a frame around those craft store mirrors or maybe an update to a thrifted painting. Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with. Give this one a try and be sure to share pics if you do!