Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn [CRAFT FAILS]

sometimes you win, sometimes you learn

I’ve branded (quite) a few of my projects with a big ol’ FAIL or NAILED IT stamp. But lately I’m sort of taken with this inspra-quote from Pinterest: “Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn“. [Can’t find the original source. Sorry!]

I can’t tell you how much I’ve been “learning” lately. I just have to laugh about it (or drink or cry…or both). That’s all we can do, right? I’m probably never (ever) gonna give Martha a run for her money, but I will get better. And you will, too!!

Today let’s celebrate a few of the funniest “learning moments” people have been brave enough to share with the interwebs! And maybe, just maybe, we’ll be bold enough to try a few of these ourselves!

1. Laughing WITH, not at these Yarn Ball Cupcakes

2. Chocolate Covered Strawberries?
chocolate covered strawberries fail

3. Glow Jar
glow jar fail

4. Perfectly Organzied Linens

5. Adorable Polka-Dot Sweater
sweater diy fail

Until next time, my fellow learners. Keep failing making!! xo

What have you “learned” recently? Be sure to share your failure turned learning experience pics with us on Pinterest by tagging your pin with #craftforest.

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