Shoe Saturday: Update for Last Years Sandals

quick sandal update

Weekday mornings consist of an hour commute to take kids to school and back home to work. There is a Missouri lottery sign on the way there and a Kansas lottery sign on the way back – the joys of border town living! And when we’re not playing “I Spy” or the alphabet game (name as many words with each letter as you possibly can), I’m thinking about what I’d do if I won either of those huge jackpots. I never play the lottery, but I still somehow think that I’m gonna win. Like the winning ticket will blow across my shoe as I’m walking down the street. And then I start to think about shoes. All the shoes I could buy with all that cash!

Then traffic, gridlock, reality. So I shift my thoughts to updating the shoes I already have.

This week I was thinking about last years red sandals – the ones I picked up for $10! They are super flat, and not entirely my style, but they were cheap. And I love cheap…you know, because I’m ummm not a lottery winner. Yet.

red sandals

I grabbed a gold Oil Paint Sharpie and set to it. My sandals have a braid pattern on the toe straps and flat leather across the ankle. I colored every other braid to make an alternating red and gold pattern. Be sure to let each area dry before moving onto one where your hand might rub.

diy shoe update with sharpie

Learned this the hard way. If you smear, or even just change your mind, you can use rubbing alcohol with a tissue or a Q-tip to remove the oops.
rubbing alcohol to remove sharpie

After the toe straps were dry, I added small little polka dots across the ankle straps. I’m obsessed with polka dots.

polka dot shoe makeover

These took about 10 minutes and while not earth shattering, this subtle update made a world of difference!

These are perfect for lounging on the porch when I should be mowing! Who decided that a perfectly manicured lawn was a good use of time and energy?! Wish I could plant a garden in the front, but it’s illegal  – which is crazy! So I’ll have to grab these other shoe redos and get to it!

diy sandal makeover

Have a great weekend, loves! Hope you’ll grab a marker and update your kicks. I’m gonna go get a pedicure. Yikes, sorry for the bad toe polish!

xo, Jennifer