Free Printable: Random Acts of Positivity

Pharrell wants you to be happy, and so do I!

We’ve all heard of the Random Acts of Kindness (RAOK) movement, but what about some random acts of positivity?

I was recently in a restaurant bathroom, of all places, in Wichita that was covered with positive graffiti. Things like “It’s okay to be your true self” and “I think you’re smart” filled the stall walls. It was pretty great and I meant to grab my phone to snap some pics, but I was distracted by the sweet potato fries. (Yum! Go to Monarch if you’re in Wichita, KS. So good!)

Then on the drive back to Kansas City I saw some roadside signs on the toll road portion of I35 that were handmade, wooden planks painted with positive messages like “URGR8″( almost crashed trying to figure that one out) and “I <3 U”.

be lovely, random acts of positivity

I thought about both the whole way home. Then I thought about the millions of “hang in there, baby” type pins on Pinterest and the ones I’ve shared with a ladies group I’m in. We all love (and love to hate) these quotes and the feel-good articles on sites like Upworthy. Positivity seems to be on trend, and that’s kind of cool. Oh, and my nieces and daughter are obsessed with the Pharrell Williams song Happy. Such a great little song, it almost makes it okay that Lola plays in twenty times in a row.

I kept wondering how I could make someone else feel “great” and “loved” when they’re in the restroom. Minds out of the gutter,  kids. I wasn’t expecting to be uplifted at that moment and it was kinda nice. That small gesture made an impact.

bathroom positive graffiti

This really long build up is to tell you that I want to start a Random Acts of Positivity (RAOP) movement and maybe you wanna play along? I’ve created a positivity printable that you can print on full sheet sticker paper, cut out, and stick everywhere. Tour the bathrooms in all your favorite joints! Pop one on the back of a stop sign (is that illegal??). Or stick ’em up at the dog park! Anywhere and everywhere.

Random Acts of Positivity Sticker Sheet

You never really know what people are going through and sometimes just a smile, or a random compliment can change everything.  Sorry to get all Oprah on ya, there. I wish I could put a car under everyone’s chairs! But all I can do is put up a sticker where they might see it.

I want to tell them (and you) things like “you’re beautiful!“, “that was a great decision“, “you’ve got this!” You know the things that we all sometimes need to be told (and can rarely say to ourselves).

So, whata ya say? Will you print these out and post them in your cities? Let’s make someone feel good, even for a second.

be kind it'll freak people out

I’m asking you to please print the stickers, cut ’em out, post them around your town! I’d love to see where these end up. Send us pictures! Post to our Facebook with hastag #RAOP, tweet us at @craftforesty. We could be onto something, babies.

xo, Jennifer

CLICK HERE to print your Random Acts of Positivity Sticker Sheet