Pinterest FAIL: Apron Edition

So I mentioned earlier this week that I was excited to make an apron with a removable hand towel that zippers off. Well, all I can do at this point is laugh (and laugh, and laugh, and laugh…).

hand towl apron - pinterest fail

Here’s the inspiration. I can’t tell you how many ways this went wrong. I thought I would only admit to half of it, but I gotta fess up. So the FAIL picture is my second attempt. Yep, that’s right.

The first go-round, I didn’t realize that my zipper wasn’t a fully separating zipper until AFTER I had already attached it to the apron top. I unzipped it to the end while I was pinning it and thought to myself “huh, it doesn’t zip off. I’ll just sew this part and then figure it out“. So I did. I actually sewed it on thinking somehow it would unzip after I was done. [Umm, it didn’t.]
zipper doesn't seperate - sewing fail

I checked online to see if there was some secret trick to transform a regular zipper to a separating zipper – there isn’t. But several people suggested using thifted clothing to find the right kind of zipper.

I remembered that jackets had zippers that fully separate [!!!!] – it was an actual cartoon-style aha, light bulb moment. So sad, I know. Feel free to laugh at me vs. with me right now.

hoodie - removed zipper

So I tried again. I don’t know what I was thinking.

The whole thing is weird and I’ve had several projects recently where Nina Garcia would be questioning my taste level.

nina garcia_project runway

Here are the lessons:

1. Don’t settle. These were the things I had on hand – the pattern and the towel were not cute together.
2. Maybe Read all the directions first.
3. Measure yourself to make sure the apron fits. I’m not very tall and didn’t take that into account.
4. Set it aside if it isn’t working and come back to it.
5. Be able to laugh at yourself. Check. No problems there!

diy apron fail

I might try this one again. Really if nothing else I know I want to learn to make bias tape and continue working on sewing straight lines – seems like a more traditional apron would help with both skills. Oh, and maybe get some thread in other colors!

I’ve had this Hello Petal layer cake on my wish list for a bit. Maybe I should get some of the matching yardage to see if I can make a regular apron. And then maybe make a half apron out of this one? I like the idea of a towel apron – probably doesn’t have to zip as most aprons would be washable anyway, right?

Hello Petal Layer Cake fabricP.S. I really like things to go perfectly and this blog is a HUMBLING experience for sure. xo

P.S.S. I showed you one of my mess ups, now show me yours! I dare ya.

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