Are pineapples are the new chevron?

pineapples are the new chevron

I’m thankful to see chevrons fading from my Pinterest feed, but pineapples (and doughnuts) seem to have taken their place. When did this happen?! I remember my grandma decorated with pineapples for a bit because “they say” pineapples are the symbol of a happy, welcoming home. Okay, I’ll go along with that.

But now they are everywhere. Pretty cute, but not sure I’m gonna go along with this one. And what’s funny about trends is that sometimes they arrive here in the Midwest after everyone else has been there, done that. So pineapples: Hot or Not?

Here’s a round-up on pineapple themed crafts and DIYs to help you decide.

Pineapple Planeter

pinepple ring dish
DIY Pineapple Ring Dish

diy pineapple wall art
DIY Pineapple Sign

pineapple wall decals
Gold Pineapple Wall Decals

pineapple table stencil
Pineapple Stenciled Table

pineapple hammock
Pineapple Hammock Pattern

See more Pineapple themed crafts, DIYs, and most importantly yummy food items over on our Pinterest boards. And be sure to tell us if you’re into the pineapple trend or not. If you are, maybe we’ll whip up a tutorial for something pineapple related.

Aloha xo, Jennifer

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