Pillowcase Nightgown Tutorials for Little Girls

I remember wearing pillowcase dresses when I was a little girl. My grandma, or my aunt, would whip up something new (and sometimes matching) for my cousins and me, for Sunday or just because. I so wish I still had all of those beautiful, vintage floral pillowcases! They were so soft and the best colors!

Unfortunately, Lola doesn’t love ’em like I did. BUT I did convince her that pillowcase nightgowns are really, really cute. I had an idea of what I wanted to make and turned to Pinterest to see if I could show her what I had in mind. And maybe for a little inspiration, too. And of course I found plenty!

diy pillowcase jammies

This tutorial from iCandy Handmade far exceed what I’d planned, so scrapping my idea and using this one instead. I love the stretch lace straps and detail so much! We’re headed to the thrift store this weekend to pick out some beautiful pillowcases and I’ve already ordered the lace.

I also really like these gorgeous nightgowns made from vintage sheets and pillowcases from Pretty Prudent. Looks like a really easy to follow tutorial and there is a download for a 4T pattern that can be adjusted up or down.

vintage pillow case nightgowns

How beautiful is that first pink floral one?! Oh, my goodness! Lola loves the sheep and said she wanted a peace sign one. Trying to talk her into floral and vintage, but it’s not really working. Think I’ll just have to make both.

I found a few more variations and then I found this one. I want to make one, or twenty, of these in my size!
diy pillowcase nightgown for adults and kids

We could pull off  “mommy & me” matching jammies, right? These super soft-looking knit gowns are based on pillowcase dresses.

I love projects when you start with one idea and then get inspired by all of the amazing, creative bloggers and DIYers out there. Thank you for pushing me to be a better crafter! Can’t wait to get started on all of these.

We’ll never have to wear pants again! It’s socially acceptable to wear nightgowns to the grocery store and the office, right??

So, which of these are your favorites? Did you wear pillowcase dresses growing up?

xo, Jennifer


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