Panamanian Easter Bunny + Frozen Fruit Dyed Eggs

creepy easter bunny

When Riley was 6 or 7 he was asking a lot of questions about the Easter Bunny – where did he live, how did he get around, that sort of thing. I always struggled with lying to my kids about Santa, the tooth fairy, a big bunny that brings candy because someone died (what?!)…but I figured since the damage was already done, why not have some fun with it. I told him that the Easter Bunny lived in Panama and drove a red Corvette. He’s nearly 13 and still believes remembers that!


Not sure if that info has been passed to Lola or not. Maybe he moved and got less of a mid-life crisis car? In order to make Tom Selleck-Bunny’s work easier and less toxic, we dyed some eggs with frozen berries. Check it out! They are too cute and soooo easy!!

What are the best questions you’ve heard about the Easter Bunny and better yet, what were your responses?

xo, Jennifer

P.S. Is it just me or all the holidays on crack this year?! Things just keep getting bigger and bigger. I blame Pinterest.

P.S.S. This bunny runs our Pinterest, you might wanna follow us so he doesn’t come to your house. Yikes.
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