Open Apology to Lotta Jansdotter or 3 Big Bags Tutorial

3 bags from 1 Jelly Roll

Beyond just wanting to be more creative, starting this blog was also largely due to Jenny from Missouri Star Quilt Company. I am lucky enough to know the family that runs MSQC. Jenny has a way of making things seem doable. She has a way about her that makes it seem like everything will be alright. (Maybe she’ll follow me around in my real life and impart some of that, too.)

Anyway…quilting seems a bit out of my reach today, but this tutorial on 3 bags from 1 Jelly Roll seemed like it would be a great way to work on sewing straight lines and finish not one, but three projects.

Jelly rolls are pre-cut fabric strips (and delicious treats) often used for quilting that make it insanely easy to get started. I chose the Glimma Jelly Roll by Lotta Jansdotter for Windham Fabrics. And I was sincerely hoping I wouldn’t have to write an open apology to Lotta for what I’d done to her lovely, lovely fabric. Jury is still out.

It took me a bit to get going and my lines are less than straight, but I did it! I jumped right in and hit pause ( a lot!) as I worked along with the video.

diy handmade bags from tutorial

Check it out! I almost sewed some straight lines there! [Celebratory dance break]

For the front bag I used a scrap of Lotta Jansdotter’s Bella for the pocket. I have been hoarding it and was really nervous to cut it because it’s so pretty. The second bag is the one that came out the best. (I might actually carry it outside!). I used a vintage sheet for the handles and the pocket. I love the mix of modern with the flowers. And as seen in the top pic, it makes a great costume or hiding place, too!

I made the third one smaller for Lola to use as a library bag. She’s pretty pleased and doesn’t mind my wonky lines one bit!

handmade library bag

The ultimate bag test is will it hold stuff? And they do! So, I’m calling this one, err these three, a success.

Give the tutorial a try. It’s a total confidence booster and will be full of “I am sewing this! I am so awesome!” moments. And you won’t die. Promise. Okay, I guess I can’t promise you that, but from sewing these bags you probably won’t die.