Oh, Baby! Baby DIYs & Crazy Great Products

Some dear friends of mine are expecting their first baby this summer and the news got my head a flutter with all things baby (for them mind you, them. Those days are long past in this household.)

I can’t wait to make and buy lots of teeny-tiny things for them! Here’s a little baby fever inspiration!


Bunny Brother & Sister Dolls
Adorable pattern for DIY bunny softies. I might have to make these for Riley & Lola even though he is going to be 13 this summer!


Totoro Costume
There are no words for how incredibly cute this is. I’m gonna insist they have their baby wear this every day!


DIY Baby Rocking Scooter
I want this in my size!!


Crunchy Jellyfish


Green Swiss Cross Swadle
Grab this one or DIY your own. Lots of other colors, too!


Pretty much anything from Milk&Masuki
We’re especially taken with the fox prints!


The Ultimate Baby Changing Station DIY
Great tutorial, also includes links to tutorials on how to make a cute diaper wipes cover and diaper bag!

Okay, I think I have to lie down now. My ovaries are getting the best of me.

xo, Jennifer


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