We’re Not Sewing All Month Long!

You win this time, sewing machine_craftforest.com

I have an irrational fear of my sewing machine,  it’s right up there with spiders in my car (happened this weekend! Ugh. I pulled over and had to think about what to do. Lola was like “just drive, it’ll be fine”. It was huge and fuzzy, and black. And still in there!) and maybe drowning or something equally as harrowing.

I can sew. I have sewn. I’ve made lap quilts for gifts, mended stuffed animals, some straight lines to close pillows and such. But beyond that I get stuck and am easily frustrated. It’s something I want to work on. Just not today. Or even for the next 30.

So I give you, No Sew 30! We’re gonna share no-sew projects each week and in our tutorial videos for the next month. We’ll start working on a new topic each month like upcycling, embroidery, more in-depth metal stamping, and maybe, just maybe, we’ll get to sewing. Maybe.

Here are a few must try no-sew projects from around the interwebs.

no sew pillow

The easiest, cutest no sew pillow around. I think I can handle this one from 346Living.


I’m in love with these DIY belted storage bins made from cardboard boxes. Thanks, Brit+Co!

DIY Fabric Floor cloth

Finding the perfect floor mat just got a lot easier! Make these no-sew fabric rugs from I Am Momma Hear Me Roar.


No sew up some cloth napkins for your next dinner party. Or just to say “oh, those. Yeah, I made ’em.” These are from Apartment Therapy.


We all know how great I am at sewing aprons, maybe I should I have started with this one from Scarves.net instead!

I can’t wait to not sew all of these and more this month! Hope you’ll join us! Be sure to share pics of your no sew projects on our Facebook!

xo, Jennifer