The Mother Lode: Mother’s Day Printable Coupon Book

Growing up my mom was not the “traditional” mom that some of my friends had. She didn’t really bake, worked two jobs, and could weld like the lady in Flashdance (minus the wet, torn sweatshirt). But she made me laugh; she was always making up weird little songs for us to sing [car, car, C-A-R, stick your head in a mustard jar], taught me to change my oil, and most importantly to be my own person.

Now that I’m a mom, I do a little baking, am lucky enough to have only 1 job (and to get to work from home), can’t really weld (though I’ve always wanted to learn to do metal sculpture), make up weird songs for my kids [car, car, C-A-R, stick your head in a mustard jar], and raise my kids with humor, and a bit of sarcasm. And I find myself so thankful that our lives were anything but traditional.

This week we’re celebrating moms of all sorts with a gift they can give to themselves. Things like 10 minutes of complete silence, a trip to the restroom all by yourself(what?!), and one whole afternoon with no fighting!

funny mothers day coupon book

Spoil Surprise the mom you love the most (ummm, you) with the Mother Lode printable coupon book this Mother’s Day! And don’t worry about printing this into the perfect little book – just print ’em out and hand them wearily to your small people for a moment of silence, or two if your lucky!

mothers day coupon for silence

Motherhood is awesome, but we could all use a break every now and again. Print this one out and then head to a wonderful place. Alone. Where no one needs for you for a second. The restroom! Ahhh. We won’t tell anyone if you’re actually playing a game on your phone in there or reading the article you’ve been trying to read for 3 weeks!

mothers day humor

So, mamas, download this free coupon book printable for the gift of a break. Did I mention that when you use up your coupons, you can just print more?! Yep.  What are ya waiting for? Get to printing, woman!

diy mothers day printable coupons

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mamas! What would we do without you?! Sorry gotta go, someone spilled something and the other is bleeding!

xo, Jennifer

P.S.  While you’re at it, be sure to print a set of Mother’s Day classic Mom temporary tattoos!

Free Tattoo Printable, Mother's Day from