Lola’s Lemonade Stand


Lola and I are gearing up for our annual lemonade stand to benefit Alex’s Lemonade Stand for children’s cancer research. This year we’re holding one at her brother’s birthday party and one for hers. She is so excited and I couldn’t be prouder. She asked for a “real” lemonade stand, “you know, like on tv”. I told her we could research a bit on Pinterest and that we’d do our best to create something we could use every year.

Here’s a little diy lemonade stand inspiration and two amazing lemonade recipes. Enjoy!


This looks like our front runner and pretty easy to put together. I want her to help with the whole process and I think we could manage this one. I LOVE the lemon bunting. The tutorial is great and the little boy looks so happy!

diy lemonade stand 4 crate

This is a really great variation on the first one, using 4 crates for bigger kids. And the way she is sprouting up, we might have to consider this.
Adore the yellow/white stripes and accents of pink. She does, too!

nightstand lemonade

This one uses an old nightstand for the base. What a great idea! I could see this one holding up the best. And we could use the color ideas from the other two. Hmmm, who knew there was so much to consider when making a lemonade stand? (Not me.)

mobile stand

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the original link for this mobile lemonade stand. But had to share it for it’s sheer genius! She said “it’s too hot to walk”, so we’re probably going to stay stationary, but I love it!

We’re thinking lemonade, cookies, and drawings.


Whenever I need a recipe I usually always see if The Pioneer Woman has one first. And of course she does. We might add some strawberries to ours.

strawberry lemonade

This lemonade looks delicious, but like a bit of work, so it might be for the family and not made in bulk. I want some right now though!

In years past we’ve just used a table or a rolling cart, but we’re going all out this year. Have any suggestions for what to sell? Recipes to use? We’d love your comments. Thanks!!

xo, Jennifer and Lola