Knitting is My Everest

craft forest beginner knitting challenge

In addition to making something each week, I’ve challenged myself to spend some time  knitting every day.  I’ve done pretty well at sticking to that challenge! I haven’t quite wrapped my entire house in knitted cozies like the grandma from the Fedex ad, but progress has been made. First lesson learned, when they say to cast on 20 for a typicial scarf, don’t be an over achiever and think that 26 or 27 is better. It’s a bit wide, but it’ll work.

There is something meditative and (not to be too dramatic) cleansing about knitting. I never, and I mean never, thought I could get the hang of it. I’ve watched countless “how to knit” videos and tangled an unspeakable amount of yarn. I’ve tried off and on for about 7 years to learn and then always give up. I could cast on and then nothing worked. Or I’d get a row completed and then forget how to keep going. I was standing in my own way, I guess. 

But I’ve done it! – well, I am doing it. And truly I couldn’t have gotten this far without the knitting basics tutorial from Design Sponge. This was the one that finally made it click! While I haven’t checked it out much further, it looks like they have a whole series. So I’m going to keep working on my current scarf and then follow their plan to build my skills. 

Design Sponge knitting tutorial

And while this little stretch of connected stiches isn’t any “thing” just yet it’s made me feel more capable and proud than I could have ever imagined. Made me think of the chours to the Idlewild song El Capitan. “Stand up. Stand up…I”ll climb El Capitan, And jump off to cheers from the crowd…

These are the moments that form habits. I’ve got this, and so do you. So what’s your crafting everest? Tell me in the comments and maybe we’ll climb it together.

P.S. Here’s some knitting & crochet eye candy over on Pinterest