Knitting 101 & Free Pattern

knit headband tutorial

I feel like a proud, little kid, “look, mom I made this!” And I wore it to run in a snowstorm, so that’s extra points, right?

I made a knit stitch headband and it stayed together! I worked from the Knitting 101 series on Craft Snob, by Elisa Mclaughlin and downloaded her free It’s a Cinch Headwrap/Cowl pattern. You can knit this pattern in a knit or purl stitch.

This four-part series covers everything from choosing knitting needles to how to cast off, or bind off as it appears to be more commonly called. I wish that the series wasn’t in 4 posts, so I’m going to include the videos here to make it easier. I’ve also included my experience and some troubleshooting below.

Knitting 101: Slip Knot

Knitting 101: Cast On

Knitting 101: Knit Stitch

Knitting 101: Purl Stitch

Knitting 101: Cast Off

Medium Weight Yarn
Size 9 Knitting Needles
Yarn Needle (or plastic kid’s sewing needle like I used)

So, here’s my first finished knitting project (that actually worked). Forgot to tell you about the tragic casting off experince with my scarf. Worked so hard only to have the whole thing revert back to pile of yarn. I channeled my frusterations into a Nerf war so that helped!

Getting Started with Knit Stitch

1. Cast on 20 stitches – then keep knitting, 2. Stitches aren’t quite uniform, and I fear a bit too tight, 3. I learned that the kids are infinately bored by knitting and didn’t talk to me much while I was doing it. So there’s that…

knitting a headwrap

1. The pattern suggested 14″ of finished knit rows that can stretch to 22″. I think mine were too tight. I got to 14″ and was afraid of making it too big, but I should have given it another inch or so. 2. After casting off, fold the two ends in. Maybe they are supposed to be even and uniform, but that didn’t happen. No worries though, you’ll never be able to tell!

stitch up headwrap

1. Really bad photo of how to stitch the two sides together with a yarn needle. I used Lola’s plastic sewing needle and it worked just fine. 2. I was so thrilled to be finished that I kind of forgot to take pics of the next few steps. But never fear the pattern will show you exactly what to do.

headband post run

This one was post-run and it was f-f-freeeeeeezing, so I only took one. You can see actual frost on the front, but my ears were happy and warm. Thanks, Elisa! Great pattern and tutorial.

purl stitch headwrap

I’m working on a second headband in purl stitch – though it’s taking longer than the first. My brain seems to be struggling with working in the opposite direction. I used an inexpensive acrylic for my gray headwrap and I’m using a heavier, wool for the second. Though as I’m working with the second, I almost wish I had used acrylic or something less bulky because I’m not sure how it’s going to work out. But both are what I had on hand.

After I’m a little more experienced I’ll treat myself to some new yarn! Have a favorite yarn line or beginner knitting tutorial? Be sure to tell me in the comments!