Healthy Road Trip Snacks

I can’t believe that summer is almost over! We’re taking a quick road trip this coming weekend just the kids and I. It’ll be our first really besides quick trips home to visit family. And while you gotta stop at greasy spoons and diners to get the full experience, I also want to provide some healthy snacks, too.

Here’s a round up of some healthy road trip snacks for kids and adults, alike.

scrap busting granola
We’ve made this scrap-busting granola from Pretty Prudent for school lunches. And it would be perfect for the road. We always have lots of dried fruit and Kashi Go Lean – my fav, too!

roadtrip boxes

I love these roadtrip boxes from Random Thoughts of a Supermom, but I think the 13 year old would finish it off before we left the driveway! But still a great idea!

baked apple chips

These baked apple chips look amazing! I can’t wait to try these, though I might eat them all before they hit the car.

snack necklace

I’m crazy about this road trip snack necklace. I want for myself for just regular drives to Target and down the street! I can think of lots of things to put on this one and it’s something that the 6 year old could help with. She’ll love it!


These frozen peanut butter banana bites look like they’d be great for the road, weekends at the pool, and for after school snacks. Definitely a why didn’t I think of that moment!

healthy snacks

A food blog I love called Eat Your Beets has some great suggestions for snack basics including fresh fruit and veggies. She also shares some great tips for traveling with kids.

I might have an even sweeter tooth than the kids and this round-up is mostly for me because truly they make some pretty healthy choices. I’d rather mainline a cherry coke and have a candy bar. Maybe I can do that when they’re sleeping…

Happy trails, everyone!
xo, Jennifer

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