Easily Remove Glitter Nail Polish

dryer sheet to remove glitter nail polish
The holidays are over, but my nails are holding strong. And mostly because it’s such a pain to remove sparkly or textured nail polish. But luckily I’ve found the perfect (easy) way to remove it with a dryer sheet.

How to Remove Glitter Nail Polish

You’ll need:
Dryer sheets (any kind)
Nail polish remover

nail polish remover and dryer sheets

Two steps & done. Here’s what to do.

Soak: Pour some nail polish remover on the dryer sheet (same amount you’d use on a cotton ball)

dryer sheet and nail polish remover

Wipe: Give a few quick swipes over the nail polish soaked dryer sheet over your nail with a little pressure. No scrubbing required.

dryer sheet to remove glitter polish

Done: And that should do it! Your nails are glitter-free and ready for a new coat of polish.

using a dryer sheet to remove nail polish

Never fear glitter nails again! Now more importantly, which glitter polishes are your favorites? Show and tell in the comments, please.

P.S. While you have the dryer sheets out you could use them to give your baseboards a quick clean. Works wonders!