Easiest DIY Fabic Bunting!

diy fabric bunting_mantle decor
I do two, count ’em two shoe makeovers this week for Shoe Saturday. And both ended up looking really (really) homemade. And not in a good way. Shoe DIYs can often walk that fine line between the “why did she ruin those shoes by drawing dots on them?!” to “I love those polka dot shoes! Where’d you get them?!” These would be the former. But all hope isn’t lost…gonna try, try again.  Pics of failures and reattempts very soon, loves.

But I did have a great success making a cute little fabric bunting! Everyone knows I’m a huge MSQC fan girl (I’m even  lucky enough to borrow their studio from time to time! I still can’t believe it!) and yesterday Jenny posted a new video with the simplest instructions for a fabric pennant that I’ve ever seen. I immediately wanted to make one to spring up the living room. It’s so dark and coffin-y in there.

diy fabric pennant

I had a Bungalow by Free Spirit Fabrics layer cake that I had been hording saving for sometime. BTW layer cakes are 10″ precut fabric squares in a coordinating line. I am crazy in love with this line and each one is even prettier than the last. I know this is supposed to be No Sew month, but this was too cute and too easy not to try.

Here’s what you need:
(1) Layer Cake – precut 10″ squares, or cut your own (I didn’t use a full layer cake because I wanted a smaller banner)
Sewing Machine

Jenny can explain much better than I (though this one is pretty easy to explain!). I parked my laptop next to my sewing machine and make this right along with the video – like I usually do.

Before you get started a  few quick things to note: she’s using solids, so she didn’t say to fold right sides (or the print) together (not that anyone would sew four of these before noticing – ahem) so be sure you do that. Also, I didn’t have twill tape so I used some red ric rac that I already had, but ribbon or yarn or anything could work to hold these together.

Mine aren’t perfect, but they are cute and came together ridiculously fast. One thing I wish that I’d have done was to push the ric rac down between pennants and then only chain pieced (continual sewing) the pennants together rather than sewing across the ric rac in between.

These are the perfect “look what I made this weekend! I am a crafting goddess!” project. I’ll be making a million of these! How ’bout you??