Earth Week DIYs & Upcycling Projects

Recycled-Bottle Boat

I’ll humblebrag and say that I’m a pretty good recycler – I even bring bottles home from restaurants who say they don’t recycle, that counts right? What I’m not always great about is giving that plastic bottle, or cardboard box a new life. (And I use waaaaaaay too much water and electricity.) But the kids are I are working on looking at things and trying to see what they wanna be in their next life. We made some bird houses and feeders from a chip can, plastic bottles, and an old tea pot. Watch for that video on Friday. Not quite a boat, but you gotta start somewhere.

Here are a few of my upcycling craft favorites from around the interwebs to make something from your trash!

Make a Floor Mat from Leather Belts: Yes, please.
diy leather belt rug
Lots of other great belt diys at this Source

Upcycled Magazine Pages: DIY Paper Gift Bags: Great for craft fairs!
upcycled magazine crafts

Tire Tread Chair: Want!
upcycled tire chair

Soda Bottle Zippered Pouch Making these immediately!
soda pouch bottles zippered container recycled

Records into Stools, or Sidetables How great are these?!
Couldn’t find original source.

Paperclip Chandelier made from 14,700 Paperclips Not sure I’ve the patience for this one, but wow!
paperclip diys chandelier

Old Boot Birdhouse Genius. Pure genius.
diy birdhouse upcycled

T-shirt Skirt These are super cute for summer!

And here’s a little quiet soapbox about recycling and using less.

Recycling Infographic – That’s a lot of trash
recycling infographic

Happy Earth Day/Week/Month/Year – we’ve seen them all!

xo Loves,

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