Double-Dog Dare: Zippers + Block Prints

mel-gibson-in-braveheart_freedom from craft anxiety

I’ve never been one to back down from a challenge. But this whole making things thing is a bigger challenge than I could have ever imagined! But I’ve double-dog dared myself to keep going. When I’m down on my craft luck, I picture Mel Gibson’s William Wallace  rallying me to freedom, or to have the courage to sew a zipper…either way.

So, this week I’m continuing to battle with my fateful foe the zipper (for a laugh click over to my Pin FAIL zippered apron) and I’m going to work on creating prints with household objects. The ultimate goal is to create a little bag that contains both elements. Fingers crossed. Here are a few of the inspiration pins, should you wish to join me in this fight.

Blue face paint is completely optional. But highly encouraged!

zippered pouch and diy print tutorials1) Valentines Day Zakka Zippered Pouch
2) Easy Zippered Pouch DIY
3) Quilted Zipper Pouch 
4) Toilet Paper Roll Printing
5) Potato Print DIY
6) DIY Block Printed Sweater 

What’ll you double-dog dare yourself to make this week? Be sure to tell me in the comments, especially if you plan to wear plaid or shout while tackling it.

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