13 DIYs and Crafts for Teenagers

13 diys for teen boys from craftforest.com

My oldest is turning 13 this week. 13?! I wanted to tell you tons of stories about holding him for the first time, that he said (and still says) hilarious things like “La Petite is for chumps.” when asked how his day was at preschool, and that I can’t imagine meeting someone more interesting, challenging, kind, and creative…BUT when I told him I was gonna write about him he said “no mushy stuff, Mom. I mean it. None.” So, no mushy stuff, guys.

We had a great time looking around at diy projects for teens together. He actually said things like “oh, man we HAVE to make that“, which is pretty cool, and pretty rare. So here is your official 13-year-old’s stamp of approval round-up of cool crafts.

DIY Marshmallow Shooter
He asked his grandma for marshmallows for his birthday just to make this one. Looks like a winner, crafters!
diy marshmallow shooter
Source: Happiness is Homemade

DIY Speakers
We use a drinking glass for our iPhone family dance parties, but this is really cool and perfect for his room.
Source: All for the Boys

iPod and/or Cell Phone Case
Riley actually turned down having his iPod screen replaced because he was sure he’d break it again (and again and again…). So this is the perfect DIY for us!
ipod case
Source: Closed Etsy Shop?, no tutorial

The Classic Duct Tape Wallet
He remembered making these when he first started getting allowance and got all nostalgic for way back to 3 years ago. Both kids get duct tape in their stockings for Christmas each year and he knew just the right roll to make his next one.
diy duct tape wallet for boys
Source: Frugal Fun for Boys

Make your Own Light Saber
I know a bigger boy who is turning 39 on his birthday that would probably like this one, too!
diy lightsaber
Source: NewarkFarnell

Craftstick Bow & Arrow
He pretended this was cool for “younger” kids, but then started looking around for supplies. And the case reminded him that he needed something similar for Nerf wars. Teen approved.
diy kids bow and arrow craft
Source: All for the Boys

PVC Bow & Arrow
And for a larger scale version…I wanna play with these, too!
Source: Skip to My Lou

Giant Jenga
“Awww, sweeeeet” was the quote. So I think that’s good, right?
diy backyard jenga
Source: KID Collective

Paracord Bracelets
I asked him where, how, and if these would save his life one day and he wasn’t sure. But he was pretty sure that they looked “cool, real cool”. There you have it!
diy paracord bracelets for teen boys
Source: Artchoo!

Lego Desk Organizer
Great use for all the long forsaken landmines legos on the floor in his room.
Source: Kid’s Activities

Lego Terrarium
While we’re decorating with Legos, these are fantastic. We have so many mini figs, this would be a great way to see ’em all the time!
lego Terrarium
Source: Babble, Original tutorial not found

DIY Nerf Gun Bullets
We had a Nerf war in the park over the weekend and lost nearly all the bullets. This will come in handy for sure!
nerf gun bullets
Source: Instructables

Ninja Stars & Target Practice
Enough said. Lola wants a Ninja party for her birthday now, too.
NinjaPartyActivity (7)
Source: Craft Interrupted

Bonus #14: Dream Bank
I’m adding this one because I love the idea of visual savings (for all of us) and he’s already talking about saving for a car. This one that was sold by Uncommon Goods would be perfect. We’re gonna be inspired by this one and make our own.
dream bank
Source: Uncommon Goods, but they no longer carry the bank so it’s probably okay to tell you to make your own. Right?

So to set the record straight, boys like crafts. Pre-teen and teen boys, too. So go make stuff with your boys!

Jennifer, Old Mama & Riley, Teenager

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