Crafting a Habit: DIY Running Shoe Makeover

DIY Glam Running Shoe Makeover

Hi, I’m Jennifer. And I am scared of crafting. [Hi, Jennifer.]

Don’t get me wrong, I adore Pinterest, craft blogs, and all things handmade. Just not handmade by me. I don’t know what it is, but I’m incredibly intimidated by beautifully laid out tutorials, and any blog that says “easy” 5-step guide to making…whatever. Handmade peppermint marshmallows? Nope. Knit your own sweater. Nah-uh.

But I secretly want to. Okay, maybe not the marshmallows – because really who has time for that?! But the sweater, and maybe the lamp makeovers, and the sewing of things together that actually stay together. The practical stuff that might save me a buck and boost my maker self-esteem.

I gave myself a little pep talk, okay a big one, and decided that yeah, I could do this. Probably, definitely.

So, I’m skipping the resolutions this new year and focusing on creating an attainable challenge for myself. Make something every week. That’s it. Just find a trend or a theme that I like and make it.

I started by incorporating this goal of making things with a secondary goal of moving my booty a bit more. Here’s a quick, running shoe makeover DIY that is actually really easy. Promise.

I hate that all of my athletic shoes are pink and black. Those are pretty much the only options if you 1) have small feet and 2) are cheap and pick up running shoes at discount outlets exclusively. So here’s a quick way to rework them with nail polish.

Pink and Black Running Shoe Makeover

I used (and love) Maybelline Color Show Metallics & Polka Dots collection. I used 3 coats of  “Bold Gold” to paint the pink tread and the silver bottom (mostly just the parts you could see) and 2 coats of the “Clearly Spotted” on the black accent. I left the gray spots alone. And left the dirt to feel like I actually used them!

DIY Nail Polish Shoe Redo

I’ve actually run in them three times now. They make me feel a bit like Beyonce and I’m convinced that I’m running faster. Who knew all it took was a little nail polish to get me back on track?

So, while most craft blogs are perfectly curated by experts this won’t be that kind of thing. Truly I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m trying anyway. Maybe you want to, too?