DIY Home Fragrance Two Ways

I love candles, incense, and all manner of good smellin’ stuff for the house. I’m kind of a sucker for them. $40 summer rain oil diffuser? Sure, why not? Because it’s crazy that’s why!

I needed to curb my habit and decided to start making my own. I was pretty surprised to find that 1) it was really easy and 2) super affordable. Two of my favorite DIY features! Check out this video to make your own home fragrance jars and oil diffusers with ingredients you probably already have!

I love having different fragrances in each area of the house and with these I can change it up whenever I want. Right now I’m loving really clean, fresh citrus scents like lemon and orange for most of the house. And just discovered clary sage for the bedroom, it calms the nervous system and really does seem to help me sleep.

Do you use essential oils? I’d be curious to know which brand is your favorite. Tell us your favorite brands and scents in the comments?