DIY Frosted Glass Windows: Beer & Epsom Salts

DIY Frosted Glass Window Glazing

I have two panels in my front door that are clear glass (and two that have colored film on them) that I love because I get so little light into the front of the house. But I also hate them because you can see straight through two rooms from the porch. We have curtains up and I don’t think about them much. But I was looking through some old craft books of my grandmother’s this weekend and found a “recipe” for frosted windows from beer and epsom salts. What?! Okay, I’ll bite.

Well, we all know how much I love epsom salt crafts (epsom salt sachets and diy bath bombs). But the only beer I have in the fridge right now is a big bottle of lambic that the man brought for Valentine’s Day. Hate to open it for just me, but I guess I’ll take one for the team and for privacy. Yeah, that’s what I’ll tell myself.

1 cup of beer
8 tablespoons epson salts
Soft towel and/or tissues

Add 8 heaping tablespoons of the salts into one cup of beer. (The “receipe” called for 4 but I doubled after applying to one window because it wasn’t covering enough.)

beer and epsom salt solution for window frosting

Let it sit for about 30 minutes to allow the salts to partially dissolve.  If that’s your thing, maybe drink some of the rest while catching up on all that Pinterest has to offer.

Apply the mixture to the window either with a paintbrush or the receipe said to “wash” the windows with the mixture. Going to try a cloth dipped in the mixture in a circular motion.

diy window frosting

While the window is still wet use a tissue to dab and pat any running mixture on the glass. I should have done this more – push the salts into the glass if you try this. Could look really lovely.

The mixture dries into a beautiful “frosted glass” crystals – well in some spots. Other spots look like I put epsom salts on my windows while drinking. Going to wait for it to dry for a few days and then add another layer or two. Calling this one a partial FAIL for the moment.

before & after window glazing

Think the sweetness will attract bugs? Hmmm, not so sure about this one but had to try it because she doggearred the page. Maybe she was drunk?! She does really like her wine…oh, grandma Rose. xo

I’ll keep you posted! It could get better. And with the snow that keeps falling we’ve time on our hands for experiments!