The 5 Minute DIY: Farmer’s Market Bags

My favorite thing about spring is the farmer’s market. I love wandering around, smelling the amazing smells, and shopping for all kinds of yummy things. But I always forget to bring bags. At a few of our markets the vendors do not have plastic bags or any way for you to carry your stuff, so you need to bring your own. I decided that if I made them I might be so full of myself proud that I might actually remember to bring them.

And guess what?! It worked. Hooray! Maybe it’ll work for you, too. Check out how to make your own farmer’s market bags from t-shirts in about 5 minutes.

You’re going to want to make a million of these. I promise you! So grab a bunch of different size t’s and get to it!

xo, Jennifer (And the farmer’s market vendors who are so thankful that you buy their stuff and bring your own bags!)

P.S. I especially love the ones I made from Lola’s old tees because they work great inside the bigger bags for more fragile items. And it’s always fun to look at the teeny-tiny stuff that she used to fit into!