DIY Family Tree: Celebrate Your Crazy

Family Tree Ornaments and Magnets_craftforest

All families are just a little bit weird, right? But it’s that specific brand of weird that makes ’em yours. My family’s weird comes with scarcasm, gossip, a little booze, and lots and lots of laughing. They are amazing and I don’t know what I’d do without them.

When I recently inherited the family photo albums, I hated the thought of having them tucked away on a shelf never to be looked at again. (It was my favorite thing to do with my grandma when I was growing up.) So I decided to create a new version of the family tree to keep the crazy out year round!

Check out this quick video to make your own. Sorry I look so crazed in the image! Youtube really loves to only allow the thumbnails where I either appear to be shouting, frowning, doing a weird side-mouth thing, or all three together. Enjoy!

Be sure to tell me your best “my family is crazy” story in the comments. Bonus points if your mom had an afro, too!



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