DIY Chalk Paint & Bedside Table Makeover

bedside table makeover with diy chalk paint and wrapping paper

We found this table that someone maybe attempted to makeover on a walk around the neighborhood recently. I wish I had pics of the kids and I dragging it back, well it and two chairs. Some people bring home stray animals, I bring home stray furniture! It’s a problem. Really.

trash table before 1

I really didn’t have a use place for the table at the time. But I shuffled some things around and decided it should get a little makeover for my bedroom.

And because everyone is nuts about chalk paint these days I thought I’d give it a try. Nearly every furniture DIY lately seems to feature chalk paint, doesn’t it? And more specifically a certain pricey chalk paint. But as most of my furniture makeovers feature curbside finds, I have a hard time paying $35/quart. So, I tested a few DIY chalk paint recipes and wanted to pass along what I learned.

Wood or Laminate furniture piece(s)
Unsanded Grout or Plaster of Paris (I prefer the grout)
Semi-gloss or Flat interior paint
Paint brush
Wrapping paper or fabric (for drawer accent)
Mod Podge
Foam Brush (if decoupaging)

To make your paint:

  1. Pour 1/3 cup of unsanded grout into a container and slowly stir in 2 tablespoons of water. You’re going for a fluffy, cake frosting texture.
  2. Add mixture to 2 cups of semi-gloss or flat paint. A little goes a long way!
  3. Stir the paint frequently when painting. It’ll be a chalky, thick mixture.

DIY chalk paint is pretty forgiving and furniture doesn’t usually require sanding before using it — even laminate like this table.

While store-bought chalk paint says it has one coat coverage, I had to use two to get the look I wanted with my diy chalk paint recipe.

chalkpaint table diy

I wanted to add a little color to the room, so I used a roll of “vintage” wrapping paper that I picked up for a $1 at the thrift store a few months ago. The paper is beautiful and reversible! It’s a gorgeous orange, pink, and gold on one side and gold and sage on the reverse. [You could easily use scrap fabric for this, too.]

reversible wrapping paper description

decoupage with wrapping paper

First, I used the drawer front to trace the right size and shape onto the paper. And then cut it out.

decoupage with mod podge and wrapping paper

Next, I applied one thin coat of Mod Podge directly to the drawer. This was great to do inside while the table was drying outside!

decoupaged drawer front

I positioned my paper and smoothed it out. Then I applied two thin coats of Mod Podge over the paper, letting it dry for about 10 minutes in between. And then gently pushed the screws for the drawer pull through the back.

spray paint in box for less mess

I used gold spray paint for the handle to bring out the gold in the paper and give it a little glam. I always use a box from Costco or Aldi’s for a spray tent, they work wonders to keep the mess down.

I love the way this little table came out. It’s so cute that it really makes me want to repaint my dresser and armoire to match!

bedside table diy

I decided against waxing or distressing my table. But you could lightly sand the piece after it’s completely dry to distress. Or use Vaseline. For a distressed look with less effort, apply some Vaseline to the edges and areas you want to distress before painting. The paint won’t adhere to those areas and you’ll instantly have that aged, distressed look. Easy!

Spray Paint Instead? You can also use spray paint in place of chalk paint to get a similar look. Rub a little candle wax on the detailing and edges before spray painting to give your wood that worn hand-painted look.

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