Craft ADHD: Back to Basics

i never finish anyth

Since starting this blog a month ago I’ve been making things regularly. Which is huge! I’ve been talking and thinking and pinning for EVER, but very little making. So that’s a huge win. BUT I’m all over the place and not sure if Ritalin will help or not. I start a diy picture frame project and then suddenly I think I need to rearrange the living room furniture. Oh, shiny!

And Pinterest is inspiring and overwhelming me at the same time. Ever feel like that?

So, I’m starting over a bit this week. I’m working on not only making for the sake of making – but on building skill and really learning the basics. knitting and zipper tutorials

I started a knitting challenge last month and I’m going to keep at it. I really love it and could see this being “my craft”. This coming week I’m going to learn to install a zipper (1 failed attempt thus far) and continue this Knitting 101 from CraftSnob. I’m going to make this headband and this genius apron with a detachable towel.

What skills are you working on right now? I’d love to know. Maybe we can help each other and do a little skill share.