Pillowcase Nightgown Tutorials for Little Girls

I remember wearing pillowcase dresses when I was a little girl. My grandma, or my aunt, would whip up something new (and sometimes matching) for my cousins and me, for Sunday or just because. I so wish I still had all of those beautiful, vintage floral pillowcases! They were so soft and the best colors!

Unfortunately, Lola doesn’t love ’em like I did. BUT I did convince her that pillowcase nightgowns are really, really cute. I had an idea of what I wanted to make and turned to Pinterest to see if I could show her what I had in mind. And maybe for a little inspiration, too. And of course I found plenty!

diy pillowcase jammies

This tutorial from iCandy Handmade far exceed what I’d planned, so scrapping my idea and using this one instead. I love the stretch lace straps and detail so much! We’re headed to the thrift store this weekend to pick out some beautiful pillowcases and I’ve already ordered the lace.

I also really like these gorgeous nightgowns made from vintage sheets and pillowcases from Pretty Prudent. Looks like a really easy to follow tutorial and there is a download for a 4T pattern that can be adjusted up or down.

vintage pillow case nightgowns

How beautiful is that first pink floral one?! Oh, my goodness! Lola loves the sheep and said she wanted a peace sign one. Trying to talk her into floral and vintage, but it’s not really working. Think I’ll just have to make both.

I found a few more variations and then I found this one. I want to make one, or twenty, of these in my size!
diy pillowcase nightgown for adults and kids

We could pull off  “mommy & me” matching jammies, right? These super soft-looking knit gowns are based on pillowcase dresses.

I love projects when you start with one idea and then get inspired by all of the amazing, creative bloggers and DIYers out there. Thank you for pushing me to be a better crafter! Can’t wait to get started on all of these.

We’ll never have to wear pants again! It’s socially acceptable to wear nightgowns to the grocery store and the office, right??

So, which of these are your favorites? Did you wear pillowcase dresses growing up?

xo, Jennifer


Did you know you could remove glitter nail polish with a dryer sheet? Check out this popular post to learn how.

dryer sheet to remove glitter nail polish

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The Perfect Summer BBQ: Decor, Food + Games

Via Hostess with the Mostess

Via Hostess with the Mostess

We’re hosting a summer barbecue and you’re all invited! I’m coming to you from Kansas City, so I know a thing or twenty about gooooood BBQ. Grab a cold drink, a few napkins, and let’s check out some of the greatest recipes, outdoor decor, games, and more!

Everyone knows that the key to a good barbecue is the sauce.


Being from KC, I have to say that the very best sauce is from Oklahoma Joe’s (the best BBQ comes from old gas stations!!) The Night of the Living Barbeque Sauce is probably the greatest thing you’ll ever taste. Ever.

Want a bbq sauce you can make yourself? Here are some fantastic recipes that are not to be missed!


Skinny Eats cooked up the taste of my town with no high fructose corn syrup allowed BBQ sauce. You will LOVE it!

Fantastic Eats calls this “the Best Homemade BBQ Sauce Ever” and we are not one to argue this point. Good doesn’t even come close to describing this one!

Prefer a rub to sauce? Check out this delicious Father’s Day rub from Delia Creates. This is on the menu for this weekend! Can you say yum? And guess what? I do a rub on tofu sometimes, too. Don’t tell anyone though, I might get kicked out of the city!

While the protein is usually the star of any good barbecue, these sides are not to be missed!

grilled corn

Grilled Corn with Jalapeno-Lime Aioli and Parmesan Cheese. Oh, my goodness! If you do nothing else in life, make this. Really.


This is my go to side. Invite me over and I’m making BBQ Ranch Quinoa Salad. You can even make this one vegan! And if you want something a little more traditional check out this Creamy Grilled Potato Salad, you won’t be sorry!

I’m also a HUGE fan of grilled desserts. I mean, come on. There is something so delicious about grilling pineapple and peaches on the grill, don’t you think?


My mom made these grilled brown sugar glazed pineapple a few weeks ago and I can’t stop thinking about them! About 10 minutes and 3 ingredients — doesn’t get any better than that!


I have always wanted to try these grilled bananas with chocolate and marshmallows. Doesn’t that sound amazing?! Adding it to my waistline menu this weekend for sure.

I can already feel like maybe I need to move around a little. Too much delicious food! How about some games?

Jarts or lawn darts (the old pointy, “you’ll shoot your eye out kid” kind) have been the go to activity for the adults in my family for years. But if you want to live less dangerously, here are some fantastic diy backyard games for adults and kids alike.

dunk tank

I’m crazy about this diy dunk tank over on The Happy Housewife. She also has some fantastic tutorials for cornhole (or whatever you call it in your neck of the woods) and ring toss in post about backyard games.

lawn dominoes

How about a GIANT game of dominoes? I really, really want to make these this summer. I’m also still loving the water blobs, giant Jenga, and lawn Twister that are popular on Pinterest. How about you?

Soooo, we’ve eaten a lot, played some games, and way before that we probably should have decorated with some gingham and bandanas, huh?

outdoor bbq

This Vintage Memorial Day BBQ hosted by The Art Abyss is nothing short of perfect. How in the world do we get on the next invite list?!


I’m going to start a little more simply with this adorable diy bandana picnic quilt and a few of these tissue paper garlands.These diy burlap BBQ decorations are pretty cute, too!

burlap bbq decorations

Thanks for coming to my virtual barbecue, y’all! I can’t wait to see pics of all the parties you throw — invites would be pretty great, too. You already know what I’m bringing!

P.S. Now you’re all set to throw a surprise Father’s Day BBQ this weekend! He’ll love it!

15 + DIY Wedding Gifts

diy wedding gift roundup

I shared my love of weddings with the recent roundup of beautiful wedding diys with fabric & scraps. If you’re not planning a wedding this season, chances are you’re attending one (or twenty). You’ve got the perfect dress, maybe a babysitter, and now you need the gift!

I am guilty of NEVER shopping from the registry. I love giving something that the happy couple wouldn’t buy for themselves. They’ve plenty of time to swoon over their new blender, but a diy that was created just for them? It doesn’t get any better!

Here’s a roundup of our favorite diy wedding gifts sure to be loved by you and the happy couple!

DIY Hanging Dishtowel by Momtastic
diy dishtowel

Engraved Cutting Board Via ArtDesignWood Etsy
cutting board

Custom Quilt Label by Connie Griner
Quilt label

Chalkboard Key Holder Via Pinterest, no original source
chalkboard key holder

DIY Picnic Basket by Style Me Pretty

Map Wall Art by Breida with a B

His & Hers Pillowcases by A Beautiful Mess
his and hers

Date Night Jar by Southern-in-Law
date night jar

Glass Etched Bakeware by Make it & Love it
glass etching

Terrarium: Give them something to grow Via Pinterest, no original source

Recipe Book by A Vegas Girl at Heart

Couples in History Frame via Shecky’s

Tree Carving Pillow by Cozyblue
tree pillow cover

Distressed Photo Block by View from the Fridge (so many options on this one!)

Monogram Wine Cork Board by I Can Find the Time
Monogram Wine Cork Board 28a

Clearly I think food is the way to sustainable love, huh? Happy crafting!

P.S. Our recent diy Family Crest for Father’s Day would make a great wedding gift, too. Here’s a video to get you started!

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