Shoe Saturday: Update for Last Years Sandals

quick sandal update

Weekday mornings consist of an hour commute to take kids to school and back home to work. There is a Missouri lottery sign on the way there and a Kansas lottery sign on the way back – the joys of border town living! And when we’re not playing “I Spy” or the alphabet game (name as many words with each letter as you possibly can), I’m thinking about what I’d do if I won either of those huge jackpots. I never play the lottery, but I still somehow think that I’m gonna win. Like the winning ticket will blow across my shoe as I’m walking down the street. And then I start to think about shoes. All the shoes I could buy with all that cash!

Then traffic, gridlock, reality. So I shift my thoughts to updating the shoes I already have.

This week I was thinking about last years red sandals – the ones I picked up for $10! They are super flat, and not entirely my style, but they were cheap. And I love cheap…you know, because I’m ummm not a lottery winner. Yet.

red sandals

I grabbed a gold Oil Paint Sharpie and set to it. My sandals have a braid pattern on the toe straps and flat leather across the ankle. I colored every other braid to make an alternating red and gold pattern. Be sure to let each area dry before moving onto one where your hand might rub.

diy shoe update with sharpie

Learned this the hard way. If you smear, or even just change your mind, you can use rubbing alcohol with a tissue or a Q-tip to remove the oops.
rubbing alcohol to remove sharpie

After the toe straps were dry, I added small little polka dots across the ankle straps. I’m obsessed with polka dots.

polka dot shoe makeover

These took about 10 minutes and while not earth shattering, this subtle update made a world of difference!

These are perfect for lounging on the porch when I should be mowing! Who decided that a perfectly manicured lawn was a good use of time and energy?! Wish I could plant a garden in the front, but it’s illegal  – which is crazy! So I’ll have to grab these other shoe redos and get to it!

diy sandal makeover

Have a great weekend, loves! Hope you’ll grab a marker and update your kicks. I’m gonna go get a pedicure. Yikes, sorry for the bad toe polish!

xo, Jennifer

Tie Dye with Sharpies: Shoes, Pillowcase + More



I’ve never been a Deadhead (sorry Shawn) and Phish makes me feel like I need a shower, but I do really (really) love tie dye. Like a lot. Though we call it “sky dyed” at our house, because that’s the kind of backpack Lola wanted last year and it just kind of stuck.

After seeing a lot of tutorials to tie dye with Sharpies and alcohol I wanted to give it a try. I’m in love with the ombre effect of using one color Sharpie with the rubbing alcohol! I updated some canvas shoes, made some pillow cases and updated some dated fabric napkins. Take a look!

This is one I’m going to keep playing with for sure. I have some yoga tops that are looking a little ratty and maybe this is just what they need!

What about you guys? Are you loving these more modern tie dyes or do you think the trend should stay in the ’70’s?

Kid Shoe Redo: April Showers, Bring May Flowers

kids shoe redo
I think, sometimes, this blog is more about complaining about the weather than it is about crafting. So, in keeping with that theme it’s pouring outside – which I actually love, well if I had nothing to do and I could read a book in bed with the windows open, all by myself with complete and total quiet. But I live in the real world, so…we added a little spring and sunshine to Lola’s shoes instead.

I’ve had a thing for Sharpie shoe makeovers since I was a kid drawing on my Converse (well before they were called Chucks) in math class. And that love has endured! I made some really cute Sharpie/alcohol tie dyed ombre ones for myself that I wear all the time (video coming soon!) and thought Lo would want some, too. If she had her way, we’d be all Laura Ashley and wearing matching dresses in a wheat field all day long! But this time she took a stand for some individuality and asked for “dots like flowers”.

I got out the Sharpies and we picked up a fresh pair of $5 canvas kicks. I put both on the table, giving her free reign,  and she couldn’t be bothered. So she art directed instead. And they turned out pretty cute, if I do say so myself!

diy shoe makeover

We used: 1) a pair of super cheap canvas sneakers, 2) shiny, fresh, new pack of Neon Sharpies, and 3) some Hello Kitty ribbon that we had for laces.

canvas shoe makeover

We talked through She told me where to place the first few flower dots and then she ran away to watch some Electric Company (I think it might be better than we were kids. It’s actually okay, for a kid show.) And came back to control check on me periodically. Thusly, this part of the tutorial is called draw some circles, color them in.

sharpie shoe diy

I made the executive/skilled Sharpie laborer decision to color the seams green and the tongue pink. Turns out she would have done it the opposite, so when you make these you might check with your own 6 year old art director for proper color placement.

drawing on shoes

Then as they started to come together she was so pleased and said that I was like a great artist. Oh, kid! You melt my heart with your sweet, sweet delusions! Yes, you can be President! I added some pink stripes and green polka dots around the kick-toe and base of the shoe. So much adorableness!

kids tennis shoe diy

I added some of the Hello Kitty ribbon for laces, but she took them as soon as I was done snapping pics.

And then as if it were planned, the sun came out a little. She put ’em on (I didn’t add beeswax to set, put ’em in the dryer, or spray with a top coat or anything) and they will be dirty with holes in them by lunch!

diy summer shoes

We’re off to splash in puddles and mess these babies up! If you’ve read this far, you should probably check out another shoe redo with nail polish for glammed out running shoes, too!

xo, Jennifer + Lola, Art Director

P.S. We are going on a Random Acts of Positivity mission later today. Stay tuned for pics! Get your free sticker printable if you haven’t already!