Pillowcase Nightgown Tutorials for Little Girls

I remember wearing pillowcase dresses when I was a little girl. My grandma, or my aunt, would whip up something new (and sometimes matching) for my cousins and me, for Sunday or just because. I so wish I still had all of those beautiful, vintage floral pillowcases! They were so soft and the best colors!

Unfortunately, Lola doesn’t love ’em like I did. BUT I did convince her that pillowcase nightgowns are really, really cute. I had an idea of what I wanted to make and turned to Pinterest to see if I could show her what I had in mind. And maybe for a little inspiration, too. And of course I found plenty!

diy pillowcase jammies

This tutorial from iCandy Handmade far exceed what I’d planned, so scrapping my idea and using this one instead. I love the stretch lace straps and detail so much! We’re headed to the thrift store this weekend to pick out some beautiful pillowcases and I’ve already ordered the lace.

I also really like these gorgeous nightgowns made from vintage sheets and pillowcases from Pretty Prudent. Looks like a really easy to follow tutorial and there is a download for a 4T pattern that can be adjusted up or down.

vintage pillow case nightgowns

How beautiful is that first pink floral one?! Oh, my goodness! Lola loves the sheep and said she wanted a peace sign one. Trying to talk her into floral and vintage, but it’s not really working. Think I’ll just have to make both.

I found a few more variations and then I found this one. I want to make one, or twenty, of these in my size!
diy pillowcase nightgown for adults and kids

We could pull off  “mommy & me” matching jammies, right? These super soft-looking knit gowns are based on pillowcase dresses.

I love projects when you start with one idea and then get inspired by all of the amazing, creative bloggers and DIYers out there. Thank you for pushing me to be a better crafter! Can’t wait to get started on all of these.

We’ll never have to wear pants again! It’s socially acceptable to wear nightgowns to the grocery store and the office, right??

So, which of these are your favorites? Did you wear pillowcase dresses growing up?

xo, Jennifer


Did you know you could remove glitter nail polish with a dryer sheet? Check out this popular post to learn how.

dryer sheet to remove glitter nail polish

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Beautiful Wedding DIYs using Fabric & Scraps

Via CMHandmade on Etsy

Via CMHandmade on Etsy

Wedding season is upon us! I completely love weddings — the happy couple, the dancing, the cake! What’s not to love!? I especially love all of the DIY trends and personal touches that are becoming the norm. Creating the perfect day has gotten a lot easier with blogs and Pinterest, hasn’t it?

We’re all about making things easier for you, so here’s a round of up beautiful and affordable wedding DIYs using fabric and fabric scraps!

Wedding Quilt Guest Book :: Guests sign a quilt with advice and good wishes instead of a traditional guest book. What a wonderful keepsake! Here are two of our favorite variations!

jenny_darren_664_wedding quilt
Via Beautied Affair

Via Belle Amour

Fabric Rosette Wedding Bouquet :: How incredibly gorgeous are these fabric rosette bridal bouquets? We are in awe. We could see so many uses for this simple, but beautiful, fabric flowers.

Via My Wedding Reception Ideas

DIY Veil :: From classic to modern, many brides are creating their own bridal veils. Here are a few that make us swoon! With fabric, paper, and more.

bird cage veil
Via Wedding Chicks

DIY Fabric Table Numbers :: Create custom table numbers with this simple tutorial!

Via Wedding Chicks

Fabric Streamers for Ceiling or Tenting :: Grab those jelly rolls to create this amazing fabric ceiling for a barn, reception hall, or outdoor wedding.

Via Style Me Pretty

Weave Fabric on Rental Chairs :: Create an expensive look with muslin or thrifted linens woven through party chairs. We also really love the chalkboards! We showed you how to make your own chalkboard paint here.

chalkboards at a wedding
Via The Wedding Chicks

Fabric Napkin Wedding Favors :: We adore these fabric napkin favors for a small wedding!

fabric napkin favors 1
Via 100 Layer Cake

fabric napkin favors
Via Pinterest, No original source found

Fabric Seating Chart There are countless options to create a fabric seating chart that matches your weddings theme and style. Check these out!

Via Rustic Wedding Chic

fabric seating chart_scraps
Via Le Fru Fru

fabric swatch escort card
Via Pinterest, No original source found

Fabric Boutonniere & Bow Ties :: No need to leave the fellas out of the DIY mix!

fabric buttoner
Via One Wed

mens fabric
Via Etsy

bow ties
Via Inspired By This

If you are a bride-to-be or helping one to keep her sanity, we hope you’ll consider some of these lovely fabric DIYs for the big day!

Stay tuned for DIY wedding gifts that the happy couple will adore!

xo, Jennifer

Sewing Room Wreath

the sewing room wreath_craftforest.com

While my “sewing room” tends to be the dining room table or the living room floor, I am lucky enough to have a space designated for sewing. But I kind of hate to be in there. So I’ve decided to embark on a little makeover over the upcoming holiday weekend. I want to make it a room that I can not wait to escape to, rather than an upcoming episode of Hoarders. It’s bad, people. Really bad.

So I decided to use a few of my grandmother’s sewing notions and the Sewing Box jelly roll to make this adorable little wreath. I love it “sew” much that I thought you’d like to make one, too!

sewing room wreath supplies

Foam Wreath Form
Jelly Roll Strips
Straight Pins
Miscellaneous Sewing Stuff
Ric Rack or Ribbon

First I secured one jelly roll strip with a pin. Then I wrapped it around the wreath form, pulling it taut and removing wrinkles as I went. Keep wrapping the fabric around the form until you come to the end of the jelly roll strip. Use another pin to hold it in place until you add the next strip.

sewing room wreath step 1

Continue wrapping jelly roll strips around the wreath form until you’ve covered the entire form. You’ll want to overlap each pattern, and if you are going light over dark you might want to wrap that section twice before continuing around the form.

wrapping jelly roll around wreath form

After the entire form is covered with fabric, you can start to embellish with ric rack, buttons, etc. This is the fun part!

embellish sewing room wreath

I affixed all of my sewing notions with straight pins or tied them onto the form. I didn’t attached them permanently to be able to change it up and to use the supplies if I wanted to.

wreath accessories

I used empty metal bobbins filled with baker’s twine and attached them to the back of wreath with small pins.  I attached the classic red tomato pin cushion with quilting pins. And made a fabric flower from a piece of scrap fabric, a button, and four pins. [Instructions below.]

What’s great about using the foam wreath form is that you can pin things and then move ’em around if you don’t like the placement.

Making those little fabric flowers couldn’t be easier. Here’s how.
fabric flowers
Cut four (4) same size fabric circles for each flower. I used a drinking glass to trace the size I wanted. Then fold each circle in half and then in half again, until you have a little triangle shape. Either glue the four triangles together on a piece of felt with the points facing each other , or use use pins to hold the sections on your wreath. I finished with a button and used a pin in each of the button holes to secure my flower.

Then I used a broken tape measure as a ribbon hanger. I love the way this little wreath turned out!

diy wreath sewing theme

tomato pin cushion on wreath

Now to tackle the rest of the room! Or maybe make another project…

Layer Cake Sunglasses Case

layer cake sunglasses cake tutorial

Last week we had hot, sunny, gorgeous weather here in the Midwest and while it’s cooled down a bit this week, I’m desperate to bring those summer days. I daydream about sitting poolside with a fruity drink and my sunglasses on. Although I’d have to find my sunglasses first! I probably have 10 different pairs, but finding one in my purse or the car seems to be quite the challenge. To encourage the sun (and to combat losing things), I decided that I needed a new, super cute sunglasses case. As I was getting my supplies ready, I realized that this would be the perfect Father’s Day gift, too.

So I set off to make two. One nautical, sea-worthy case for him and a bright, cheery floral one for me!

his and hers sunglasses case

Here’s what you’ll need:
(2) Layer Cake Squares (or  two 10″ x 10″ fabric squares)
(1) 9.5″ x 9.5″ felt square, or lightweight fusible fleece
Rotary Cutter (for felt and/or fabric if not using pre-cuts)

I used Hearty Good Wishes for his and Bungalow by Free Spirit Fabrics for mine.

mens sunglass case

Place your two layer cake squares right sides together. Then cut your felt to a 9.5″ x 9.5″ square. Pin the felt square to the center of your layer cake sandwich, leaving a 3 inch opening to turn the fabric right side out.

make your own sunglasses case

Sew all three pieces together around the edges, being sure to leave that 3 inch opening.

stitching a sunglass case

Cut the excess fabric along the edges and then turn your square right side out.

fabric sunglass case

Press your square, being sure to turn opening edges in. Then topstich the opening edge.

topstitch your sunglass case

Fold your square in half with the fabric you want to be the lining facing out. Pin along the bottom and the side, being sure to leave the top open.

diy sunglasses case

Stitch along the bottom and the side with a 1/2 inch seam. Then cut the bottom two corners to remove excess bulk in the case.

trimming fabric corners

Turn the case right side out, push out the corners nice and neat (you can use a chopstick or a pencil to do this).

diys for dad

layer cake sunglasses case 1

Wrap his up for Father’s Day – he’ll thank you for skipping the tie – and enjoy yours now!

layer cake sunglasses case_diys for guys

diy sunglass case

P.S. You could use these for eyeglasses, too!

The 5 Minute DIY: Farmer’s Market Bags

My favorite thing about spring is the farmer’s market. I love wandering around, smelling the amazing smells, and shopping for all kinds of yummy things. But I always forget to bring bags. At a few of our markets the vendors do not have plastic bags or any way for you to carry your stuff, so you need to bring your own. I decided that if I made them I might be so full of myself proud that I might actually remember to bring them.

And guess what?! It worked. Hooray! Maybe it’ll work for you, too. Check out how to make your own farmer’s market bags from t-shirts in about 5 minutes.

You’re going to want to make a million of these. I promise you! So grab a bunch of different size t’s and get to it!

xo, Jennifer (And the farmer’s market vendors who are so thankful that you buy their stuff and bring your own bags!)

P.S. I especially love the ones I made from Lola’s old tees because they work great inside the bigger bags for more fragile items. And it’s always fun to look at the teeny-tiny stuff that she used to fit into!