7 Craft Guilty Pleasures, You Know You Love ‘Em!

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I’m all for guilty pleasures, like watching Center Stage on Netflix for the millionth time and singing loudly to Single Ladies in the car. And crafting is no different. There are some things on Pinterest that we’re really drawn to, but probably wouldn’t tell our friends we spent 46 hours making ’em. In no particular order, here are  7 craft guilty pleasures. Enjoy!

1. Glitter: Shiny objects bring out the magpie in me for sure. From unnecessarily glittery mugs to clothes to housewares. I love it all! But do we really need glittered pencils?! Probably not. But thank you, thank you to The Crafted Life for collecting some great ones.


2. Decoupage: When all else fails, glue some stuff on it! ModPdge, I adore you. Seriously, I’ve a problem. Not sure that I need 18 ways to decoupage mason jars, but let’s do it anyway!


3. And while we’re on the subject: Mason Jars. I do feel especially summery when I’m sipping a cold drink from a mason jar, but come on people. But if you still can’t get enough, here are a 100 mason jar crafts & diys. 100. Wow.


4. Nutella. This one is lost on me, but you guys LOVE it. Am I the only person in the world who really, really doesn’t care for Nutella? Will I be eradicated from existance, will my Pinterest account be revoked? Nervous to say the least. But here I stand proud saying “I’m just not that into you, Nutella.” BUT for the rest of the world here’s why Chibird hearts the stuff.


5. The overly extravagant birthday party for your little 1-year-old prince or princess (who may or may not have cried and/or slept through the whole darn thing). I love doing fun stuff for my kiddos and celebrating the fact that they have stayed alive a little bit longer each year. But Pinterest makes me feel like my kids are gonna need a lot of therapy for missing out on these incredibly styled parties. For some incredible fêtes check out this blog. I want that kid’s party for myself!

over the top birthday

6. American Girl Sewing Patterns. These things have better clothing that most of the people I know. Necessary? Absolutely not. But cute? Uh, yeah. So go make that doll the Halloween apron she’s been dying for! Holy cute!

halloween american doll

7. T-shirt Refashions of the particularly slicey variety. Does anyone really wear these in real life? There are some really cute ones out there, too. Maybe I’m just lazy on this one. Here are 10 you might want to check out.


I’m gonna combine numbers 6 and 7 and make some sliced-up t’s for me and Lola’s (Target version) “American” doll. And then we’re gonna watch Center Stage. Again. Don’t judge.

So, what are your crafty guilty pleasures? I’d actually really like to know. Really.


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A Life Collected

I think you can get a good feel for a person from what they loved or collected. My grandmother, Rose, recently passed away and we’re saying goodbye to her this week. When I look around at my house, my style, the things I love they are all influenced by her. Her spirit and her style can be found in every room in our home and in most of my own collections.

My grandma with 2 of her 6 children

I remember that she was always collecting something. First it was mushrooms. Anything and everything mushrooms! She was the queen of tchotchkes and knick knacks. And I couldn’t get enough of them. Always moving them around and asking questions like “where’d you get this one?” or “why is it so small?” and most often “can I hold it pleeeeeeeeeeease?“.


Image via retroartglass.com

Then came the early 80’s and she casually mentioned that she liked deer to someone. Then it became an explosion of deer collectibles. Instead of a bird, she put a deer on it! 


Image via Swankylady via Pinterest

Over the years the deer slowly started getting pushed to basement only to be replaced with houses. Lots and lots and lots (and lots) of houses. Christmas villages, Italian countrysides, and all sorts of ceramic dwellings.

KLM Houses via thisgirllel.com

KLM Houses via thisgirllel.com

Later the houses got replaced by teas pots, which were replaced by Italian chefs. I’m pretty pleased to report that the teapots sought sanctuary at my house. As did her wedding china, which we use nearly every day. [I’ve been wanting to get my first – and probably only –  tattoo of her china pattern with a message in her handwriting from a card I saved.]

a life collected_tea pots and china

We both loved this polka dot Hall teapot so much!

The Italian chef collection slowly grew to include wine knick knacks as well. She loved really cheap, really sweet red wine. This past Christmas I tried to update her wine with something a little more expensive. She wasn’t having it.

Via Google Image Search

Via Google Image Search

I feel really lucky that a number of her collections and keepsakes were passed on to me. One of my favorites are her bowling pins and patches. She was an avid bowler and loved to play cards with her ladies club. Her shoes always matched her bag and the accessories had to be perfect.

grandmas bowling collectibles

My heart hurts. I desperately want to call her up and talk to her about how sad I am to have lost my grandmother and my confidant. But I guess I’ll have to settle for trying to find some piece of her amongst these things.

grandma rose

Roseann Seithel: June 3, 1921 – March 6, 2014

xo, Jennifer

2014 Craft Olympics: Kid Crafts

craft olympics 2014 at Craft Forest

It’s cold, everyone has cabin fever, and it seems we’ve had more snow days, holidays, and teacher-in-service days than school days as of late.

What’s a mama to do?! Host a Craft Olympics of course!

Here are today’s events: Yarn Curling, UFO (unfinished objects) Figure Skating, and Cross Country Snowboard Finger Knitting. We’ll be featuring some prominent US crafters in this update, as well as some Olympic-themed crafts & activities for kids.

Bulky Yarn Curling
Men’s Classification, Official Results: USA Gold
This is Riley’s first year at the Winter Olymics. He successfully lead his team to victory in the Bulky Yarn Curl. We see big things for this athlete!
yarn curling by Craft Forest

UFO Figure Skating
Ice Dance, Short Dance, Official Results: USA Gold
Two-time Olympic Unfinished Objects Figure Skating competitor, Lola, takes the gold with her zipper and trim short dance routine.
UFO Figure Skating by Craft Forest

Snowboard Finger Knitting
Ladies Snowboard Cross Country, Official Results: USA Gold
Lola “Shawna” White impresses the world with her unique cross country finger knitting style. This young lady is at the top of her game, that’s for sure!
finger knit snowboarding

Stayed tuned for more updates from the Kid Craft Olympics! In the meantime, here are four quick and easy DIYs for your little Olympian.

winter olympic crafts for kids1.Olymic Skiing Clothespin Dolls, 2. DIY Bobsleigh Race, 3.Team USA Headband & Hair Clips, 4. DIY Snowball Tournament

Enjoy some Olympic-themed fun with your kiddos and keep your sanity! We’re all in this together. Go Team Please Let There Be School Tomorrow!!

Oh, man it’s President’s Day tomorrow. Tuesday. Tuesday, please let there be school. Please.