Be Good to Yourselves: Mantra Pocket Mirror

diy mantra mirror

A new, but already dear, friend has recently started chemotherapy for her arthritis. She’s been a bit down on herself; beating herself up for being tired or not feeling quite like herself. We talked about her recent use of personal mantras like “I am strong” and “I’ve got this“.  She mentioned writing them on her bathroom mirror so she’d see them throughout the day.

I made these little pocket mirrors with her in mind. You can write your mantra on them with a Sharpie and quickly change it anytime you want, by simply wiping it with a damp tissue. But the Sharpie stays in place perfectly until you wipe it away.

mantra mirrors

diy pocket mirror

i am strong close up

I’ll share a tutorial if you guys are interested. Lola and I like them, but not sure if they are the most practical.

kitty affirmations

If I were going to make them again, I’d probably use cardboard to make it more like a little fabric covered book, with the mirror embeded the same way. I’d still cover it with fabric and I kinda like the random stitching.

Let me know in the comments if you want to see a tutorial on these and/or a modified version. Be good to yourselves!

xo, Jennifer and Lola (and our cat Karl)

DIY Bakers Twine: easy + useful, really!

I was wrapping up a quick gift (on the way out the door) recently and really wanted to use some red and white bakers twine, but I was out. Sooo, I made my own. Here’s how. So easy, you’ll actually do this one. Promise. xo

Check out out these bakers twine crafts over on our Pinterest.  I’m off to work on some crochet because I’m recently smitten and can’t put it down. Enjoy your Friday loves!

xo, Jennifer


Food Pins: Why do they want to eat every night?!

healthy foods i'll never make

One look at my Pinterest and you’d think I was the healthiest, runnery-ist, craftest gal in all the three counties. I spend my time pinning the most beautiful dinner parties complete with amazing thai dishes, perfectly curated table settings, a gorgeous dress, and twenty handmade somethings that my guest will just die for.

My fake life is so exhausting.

Gotta run. Those peanut butter & jelly sandwiches we’re having for dinner aren’t gonna make themselves, now are they?

xo, Jennifer

P.S. Doesn’t this one look amazing? Too bad we can’t survive on air & ideas.


DIYs for My Dream Backyard

backyard movie theater lounge - backyard lounge - outdoor design - patio design and decor via pinterest

I’m on a spring cleaning jag and thinking a lot about being outside. Grilling veggies, playing in the grass, my kids laughing, birds chirping. I can’t wait! Today it’s dark and stormy, but I keep thinking about DIYs for the yard. Well, the yard we don’t really have. We’ve a huge front porch, decent sized front yard and then a weird, little paved  sideyard. But it has potential, I think.

smile and wave fence

I’ve been revisiting a lot of the backyard ideas from Rachel at Smile and Wave, like this privacy fence she created over a chain link fence.  She’s my blog crush for sure Does anyone say that any more?? I don’t care. She is.

I want to add a privacy screen, a garden, a cozy little nook, and maybe a place for the kids to play in the water this summer.  Here are some of my inspiration pins.

I’ll pretend it isn’t the Midwest and we won’t be eaten alive by mosquitoes.
outdoor space - outdoor dining - flowers - romantic picnic - outdoor decor and design - dining room pillow chairs via pinterest

We’ve had small container gardens in the past, but this year I’d like to really try hard to grow more.
vertical garden
The pin goes nowhere, and I didn’t find the original source. Here’s one that gives you the general idea.

Thinking something like this could act as a privacy fence, too. Going to see if I can talk the man into helping.

This one is a pipe dream, but I’d love to have a pond some day.
tire into pond
I’m not doing great at loving original sources am I? This one also goes nowhere, but the pictures give you the gist.

This is on the list for sure. But it’ll have to be in the front.

I’d want to read, cuddle up and never leave this little spot. I’d add some twinkle lights, too.

Maybe you have a little patch of grass that you could fancy up. I’m going to keep decorating my fake one on Pinterest, but yours could be real! Lucky, lucky you!!

So, what does your dream yard look like?

xo, Jennifer

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Spring Breakdowns: The Craft Blues


We live in a border town and one kid goes to school in Missouri and one in Kansas, with two different spring breaks. The older one wanted to play Call of Duty the entire week for his and now the younger one wants to make things all week. Pretty cool. But already I’m exhausted.

Little’s cousin’s go to the same school, so we’re having a couple of girls days. So far we’ve written a play, played outside, made books, did some embroidery, played dress up, and they’ve eaten everything. It’s been pretty fun!

While we were doing all of those things I was trying to work on a quilt top from a tutorial. And it just went all wrong. I kept making silly mistakes. The girls gave me time to work, but I just couldn’t get it. Super frustrating.


No one talks about how defeating this stuff can be sometimes. We laugh at our Craft FAILS and marvel at the amazing projects on Pinterest, but the in between gets a little lost. I’m feeling kind of in between today. I know I’m capable of stitching some fabric together, but sometimes it just doesn’t work.

Today is one of those days.


I’m excited to keep making, but frustrated that even “simple” things aren’t coming easily. Not throwing a pity party, well because I’m sure someone on Pinterest threw it better, but I’ve got the craft blues today.

Ever feel like that? How do you get your creative spirit back? Please leave a comment today, I’m a little needy. 😉

xo, Jennifer