Kid Shoe Redo: April Showers, Bring May Flowers

kids shoe redo
I think, sometimes, this blog is more about complaining about the weather than it is about crafting. So, in keeping with that theme it’s pouring outside – which I actually love, well if I had nothing to do and I could read a book in bed with the windows open, all by myself with complete and total quiet. But I live in the real world, so…we added a little spring and sunshine to Lola’s shoes instead.

I’ve had a thing for Sharpie shoe makeovers since I was a kid drawing on my Converse (well before they were called Chucks) in math class. And that love has endured! I made some really cute Sharpie/alcohol tie dyed ombre ones for myself that I wear all the time (video coming soon!) and thought Lo would want some, too. If she had her way, we’d be all Laura Ashley and wearing matching dresses in a wheat field all day long! But this time she took a stand for some individuality and asked for “dots like flowers”.

I got out the Sharpies and we picked up a fresh pair of $5 canvas kicks. I put both on the table, giving her free reign,  and she couldn’t be bothered. So she art directed instead. And they turned out pretty cute, if I do say so myself!

diy shoe makeover

We used: 1) a pair of super cheap canvas sneakers, 2) shiny, fresh, new pack of Neon Sharpies, and 3) some Hello Kitty ribbon that we had for laces.

canvas shoe makeover

We talked through She told me where to place the first few flower dots and then she ran away to watch some Electric Company (I think it might be better than we were kids. It’s actually okay, for a kid show.) And came back to control check on me periodically. Thusly, this part of the tutorial is called draw some circles, color them in.

sharpie shoe diy

I made the executive/skilled Sharpie laborer decision to color the seams green and the tongue pink. Turns out she would have done it the opposite, so when you make these you might check with your own 6 year old art director for proper color placement.

drawing on shoes

Then as they started to come together she was so pleased and said that I was like a great artist. Oh, kid! You melt my heart with your sweet, sweet delusions! Yes, you can be President! I added some pink stripes and green polka dots around the kick-toe and base of the shoe. So much adorableness!

kids tennis shoe diy

I added some of the Hello Kitty ribbon for laces, but she took them as soon as I was done snapping pics.

And then as if it were planned, the sun came out a little. She put ’em on (I didn’t add beeswax to set, put ’em in the dryer, or spray with a top coat or anything) and they will be dirty with holes in them by lunch!

diy summer shoes

We’re off to splash in puddles and mess these babies up! If you’ve read this far, you should probably check out another shoe redo with nail polish for glammed out running shoes, too!

xo, Jennifer + Lola, Art Director

P.S. We are going on a Random Acts of Positivity mission later today. Stay tuned for pics! Get your free sticker printable if you haven’t already!

Earth Week DIYs & Upcycling Projects

Recycled-Bottle Boat

I’ll humblebrag and say that I’m a pretty good recycler – I even bring bottles home from restaurants who say they don’t recycle, that counts right? What I’m not always great about is giving that plastic bottle, or cardboard box a new life. (And I use waaaaaaay too much water and electricity.) But the kids are I are working on looking at things and trying to see what they wanna be in their next life. We made some bird houses and feeders from a chip can, plastic bottles, and an old tea pot. Watch for that video on Friday. Not quite a boat, but you gotta start somewhere.

Here are a few of my upcycling craft favorites from around the interwebs to make something from your trash!

Make a Floor Mat from Leather Belts: Yes, please.
diy leather belt rug
Lots of other great belt diys at this Source

Upcycled Magazine Pages: DIY Paper Gift Bags: Great for craft fairs!
upcycled magazine crafts

Tire Tread Chair: Want!
upcycled tire chair

Soda Bottle Zippered Pouch Making these immediately!
soda pouch bottles zippered container recycled

Records into Stools, or Sidetables How great are these?!
Couldn’t find original source.

Paperclip Chandelier made from 14,700 Paperclips Not sure I’ve the patience for this one, but wow!
paperclip diys chandelier

Old Boot Birdhouse Genius. Pure genius.
diy birdhouse upcycled

T-shirt Skirt These are super cute for summer!

And here’s a little quiet soapbox about recycling and using less.

Recycling Infographic – That’s a lot of trash
recycling infographic

Happy Earth Day/Week/Month/Year – we’ve seen them all!

xo Loves,

Check out a few more upcycled crafts on Pinterest & be sure to follow all of our boards while you’re there!


Have you joined our Random Acts of Positivity movement? Print this free printable sticker sheet to spread a little (more) positive in your neighborhood. #RAOP


Random Acts of Positivity Sticker Sheet

Free Printable: Random Acts of Positivity

Pharrell wants you to be happy, and so do I!

We’ve all heard of the Random Acts of Kindness (RAOK) movement, but what about some random acts of positivity?

I was recently in a restaurant bathroom, of all places, in Wichita that was covered with positive graffiti. Things like “It’s okay to be your true self” and “I think you’re smart” filled the stall walls. It was pretty great and I meant to grab my phone to snap some pics, but I was distracted by the sweet potato fries. (Yum! Go to Monarch if you’re in Wichita, KS. So good!)

Then on the drive back to Kansas City I saw some roadside signs on the toll road portion of I35 that were handmade, wooden planks painted with positive messages like “URGR8″( almost crashed trying to figure that one out) and “I <3 U”.

be lovely, random acts of positivity

I thought about both the whole way home. Then I thought about the millions of “hang in there, baby” type pins on Pinterest and the ones I’ve shared with a ladies group I’m in. We all love (and love to hate) these quotes and the feel-good articles on sites like Upworthy. Positivity seems to be on trend, and that’s kind of cool. Oh, and my nieces and daughter are obsessed with the Pharrell Williams song Happy. Such a great little song, it almost makes it okay that Lola plays in twenty times in a row.

I kept wondering how I could make someone else feel “great” and “loved” when they’re in the restroom. Minds out of the gutter,  kids. I wasn’t expecting to be uplifted at that moment and it was kinda nice. That small gesture made an impact.

bathroom positive graffiti

This really long build up is to tell you that I want to start a Random Acts of Positivity (RAOP) movement and maybe you wanna play along? I’ve created a positivity printable that you can print on full sheet sticker paper, cut out, and stick everywhere. Tour the bathrooms in all your favorite joints! Pop one on the back of a stop sign (is that illegal??). Or stick ’em up at the dog park! Anywhere and everywhere.

Random Acts of Positivity Sticker Sheet

You never really know what people are going through and sometimes just a smile, or a random compliment can change everything.  Sorry to get all Oprah on ya, there. I wish I could put a car under everyone’s chairs! But all I can do is put up a sticker where they might see it.

I want to tell them (and you) things like “you’re beautiful!“, “that was a great decision“, “you’ve got this!” You know the things that we all sometimes need to be told (and can rarely say to ourselves).

So, whata ya say? Will you print these out and post them in your cities? Let’s make someone feel good, even for a second.

be kind it'll freak people out

I’m asking you to please print the stickers, cut ’em out, post them around your town! I’d love to see where these end up. Send us pictures! Post to our Facebook with hastag #RAOP, tweet us at @craftforesty. We could be onto something, babies.

xo, Jennifer

CLICK HERE to print your Random Acts of Positivity Sticker Sheet