7 Craft Guilty Pleasures, You Know You Love ‘Em!

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I’m all for guilty pleasures, like watching Center Stage on Netflix for the millionth time and singing loudly to Single Ladies in the car. And crafting is no different. There are some things on Pinterest that we’re really drawn to, but probably wouldn’t tell our friends we spent 46 hours making ’em. In no particular order, here are  7 craft guilty pleasures. Enjoy!

1. Glitter: Shiny objects bring out the magpie in me for sure. From unnecessarily glittery mugs to clothes to housewares. I love it all! But do we really need glittered pencils?! Probably not. But thank you, thank you to The Crafted Life for collecting some great ones.


2. Decoupage: When all else fails, glue some stuff on it! ModPdge, I adore you. Seriously, I’ve a problem. Not sure that I need 18 ways to decoupage mason jars, but let’s do it anyway!


3. And while we’re on the subject: Mason Jars. I do feel especially summery when I’m sipping a cold drink from a mason jar, but come on people. But if you still can’t get enough, here are a 100 mason jar crafts & diys. 100. Wow.


4. Nutella. This one is lost on me, but you guys LOVE it. Am I the only person in the world who really, really doesn’t care for Nutella? Will I be eradicated from existance, will my Pinterest account be revoked? Nervous to say the least. But here I stand proud saying “I’m just not that into you, Nutella.” BUT for the rest of the world here’s why Chibird hearts the stuff.


5. The overly extravagant birthday party for your little 1-year-old prince or princess (who may or may not have cried and/or slept through the whole darn thing). I love doing fun stuff for my kiddos and celebrating the fact that they have stayed alive a little bit longer each year. But Pinterest makes me feel like my kids are gonna need a lot of therapy for missing out on these incredibly styled parties. For some incredible fêtes check out this blog. I want that kid’s party for myself!

over the top birthday

6. American Girl Sewing Patterns. These things have better clothing that most of the people I know. Necessary? Absolutely not. But cute? Uh, yeah. So go make that doll the Halloween apron she’s been dying for! Holy cute!

halloween american doll

7. T-shirt Refashions of the particularly slicey variety. Does anyone really wear these in real life? There are some really cute ones out there, too. Maybe I’m just lazy on this one. Here are 10 you might want to check out.


I’m gonna combine numbers 6 and 7 and make some sliced-up t’s for me and Lola’s (Target version) “American” doll. And then we’re gonna watch Center Stage. Again. Don’t judge.

So, what are your crafty guilty pleasures? I’d actually really like to know. Really.


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DIY Family Tree: Celebrate Your Crazy

Family Tree Ornaments and Magnets_craftforest

All families are just a little bit weird, right? But it’s that specific brand of weird that makes ’em yours. My family’s weird comes with scarcasm, gossip, a little booze, and lots and lots of laughing. They are amazing and I don’t know what I’d do without them.

When I recently inherited the family photo albums, I hated the thought of having them tucked away on a shelf never to be looked at again. (It was my favorite thing to do with my grandma when I was growing up.) So I decided to create a new version of the family tree to keep the crazy out year round!

Check out this quick video to make your own. Sorry I look so crazed in the image! Youtube really loves to only allow the thumbnails where I either appear to be shouting, frowning, doing a weird side-mouth thing, or all three together. Enjoy!

Be sure to tell me your best “my family is crazy” story in the comments. Bonus points if your mom had an afro, too!



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No Sew Tooth Fairy Pillow

no sew tooth fairy pillow door hanger

Lola lost her second tooth last night! It had been loose for quite awhile (just hanging there kinda grossing us all out). We were out for Thai food and she lost it at the table. Nothin’ like blood and tofu; yum!! She was so excited that she dropped it on the floor and mama had to crawl around to find it. We found it! (Mostly because I didn’t want the wait staff to have to sweep up a human tooth at the end of the night. Yuck.)

After she lost it she was telling us that her friends get $5 for a lost tooth. What?! Are you kidding me?? I then proceeded to tell her that her tooth fairy was in an underserved area and the taxes must be different where we live. And some more ridiculous lies that seemed to come entirely too easy. The Tooth Fairy pays out $1/tooth. Period.

Anyway, I was not at all prepared for the first lost tooth. Her older brother got a silver dollar, glitter, and fan fare galore. But the second kid didn’t get quite the same treatment. So last week I was ready for this one to fall out and decided to make a little tooth pillow from a stuffed animal that was fated for the giveaway pile.

I love Where the Wild Things Are so, so much. Probably more than the kids. And I didn’t want this guy to get tossed aside. So I decided a tutu and a wand would buy ’em a few more years.

Want to make one of your own? Here’s how ya do it.

Supplies for No Sew Tooth Fairy Pillow.jpg

You’ll Need:
Stuffed animal (any size)
Small piece of tulle, or fabric for the tutu or skirt
Elastic or ribbon
(1) Chopstick (for the wand)
Ribbons for hanger & to decorate

measure the waist of your stuffed animal

Loop the elastic around the waist of your stuffed animal (I did mine just slightly higher to be under his beard) to measure. Cut the elastic and tie it in a knot. You’ll use this to create your tutu.

no sew tutu with tulle

Cut the tulle in strips long enough to fold in half over the elastic waist band. Tie a knot in the center of the tulle around the elastic. Continue to tie on tulle strips all the way around the waist band.

tutu for stuffed animal

When you’re finished tying the tulle all the way around, you can give it a little haircut if you want to make sure they are all even.

hanging tooth fairy pillow diy

I used ribbon and some adhesive to attach a hanger. I love the idea of hanging the tooth outside the door. No more tip-toeing or stepping on legos in the dark!

hanging tooth fairy pillow

Next I made the wand with a chopstick and two felt hearts glued together, leaving the top open for a note and the money. I also added some ribbons to the bottom of the heart while the glue was drying.

diy tooth fairy pillow

Then I used a quick little sticky note and a gold pen to seal my lie the deal. The note reads, “Lola, Such nice, clean teeth! Well done! xo The Tooth Fairy”. Last time I wrote more but this time the tooth fairy struggled with writing small.

note from the tooth fairy

I put the note and a dollar in the top of the heart. Then I slid the chopstick “wand” into the waist band like he was holding it and so she could easily pull it out.

Super cute tooth fairy “pillow” with zero sewing from a stuffed animal. And made in about 10 minutes! Doesn’t get any better than that!

wild thing tooth fairy pillow

How much does the tooth fairy leave at your houses? Are we behind the times? Be sure to tell me in the comments!