Sewing Room Wreath

the sewing room

While my “sewing room” tends to be the dining room table or the living room floor, I am lucky enough to have a space designated for sewing. But I kind of hate to be in there. So I’ve decided to embark on a little makeover over the upcoming holiday weekend. I want to make it a room that I can not wait to escape to, rather than an upcoming episode of Hoarders. It’s bad, people. Really bad.

So I decided to use a few of my grandmother’s sewing notions and the Sewing Box jelly roll to make this adorable little wreath. I love it “sew” much that I thought you’d like to make one, too!

sewing room wreath supplies

Foam Wreath Form
Jelly Roll Strips
Straight Pins
Miscellaneous Sewing Stuff
Ric Rack or Ribbon

First I secured one jelly roll strip with a pin. Then I wrapped it around the wreath form, pulling it taut and removing wrinkles as I went. Keep wrapping the fabric around the form until you come to the end of the jelly roll strip. Use another pin to hold it in place until you add the next strip.

sewing room wreath step 1

Continue wrapping jelly roll strips around the wreath form until you’ve covered the entire form. You’ll want to overlap each pattern, and if you are going light over dark you might want to wrap that section twice before continuing around the form.

wrapping jelly roll around wreath form

After the entire form is covered with fabric, you can start to embellish with ric rack, buttons, etc. This is the fun part!

embellish sewing room wreath

I affixed all of my sewing notions with straight pins or tied them onto the form. I didn’t attached them permanently to be able to change it up and to use the supplies if I wanted to.

wreath accessories

I used empty metal bobbins filled with baker’s twine and attached them to the back of wreath with small pins.  I attached the classic red tomato pin cushion with quilting pins. And made a fabric flower from a piece of scrap fabric, a button, and four pins. [Instructions below.]

What’s great about using the foam wreath form is that you can pin things and then move ’em around if you don’t like the placement.

Making those little fabric flowers couldn’t be easier. Here’s how.
fabric flowers
Cut four (4) same size fabric circles for each flower. I used a drinking glass to trace the size I wanted. Then fold each circle in half and then in half again, until you have a little triangle shape. Either glue the four triangles together on a piece of felt with the points facing each other , or use use pins to hold the sections on your wreath. I finished with a button and used a pin in each of the button holes to secure my flower.

Then I used a broken tape measure as a ribbon hanger. I love the way this little wreath turned out!

diy wreath sewing theme

tomato pin cushion on wreath

Now to tackle the rest of the room! Or maybe make another project…

We’re Not Sewing All Month Long!

You win this time, sewing

I have an irrational fear of my sewing machine,  it’s right up there with spiders in my car (happened this weekend! Ugh. I pulled over and had to think about what to do. Lola was like “just drive, it’ll be fine”. It was huge and fuzzy, and black. And still in there!) and maybe drowning or something equally as harrowing.

I can sew. I have sewn. I’ve made lap quilts for gifts, mended stuffed animals, some straight lines to close pillows and such. But beyond that I get stuck and am easily frustrated. It’s something I want to work on. Just not today. Or even for the next 30.

So I give you, No Sew 30! We’re gonna share no-sew projects each week and in our tutorial videos for the next month. We’ll start working on a new topic each month like upcycling, embroidery, more in-depth metal stamping, and maybe, just maybe, we’ll get to sewing. Maybe.

Here are a few must try no-sew projects from around the interwebs.

no sew pillow

The easiest, cutest no sew pillow around. I think I can handle this one from 346Living.


I’m in love with these DIY belted storage bins made from cardboard boxes. Thanks, Brit+Co!

DIY Fabric Floor cloth

Finding the perfect floor mat just got a lot easier! Make these no-sew fabric rugs from I Am Momma Hear Me Roar.


No sew up some cloth napkins for your next dinner party. Or just to say “oh, those. Yeah, I made ’em.” These are from Apartment Therapy.


We all know how great I am at sewing aprons, maybe I should I have started with this one from instead!

I can’t wait to not sew all of these and more this month! Hope you’ll join us! Be sure to share pics of your no sew projects on our Facebook!

xo, Jennifer


Earth Week DIYs & Upcycling Projects

Recycled-Bottle Boat

I’ll humblebrag and say that I’m a pretty good recycler – I even bring bottles home from restaurants who say they don’t recycle, that counts right? What I’m not always great about is giving that plastic bottle, or cardboard box a new life. (And I use waaaaaaay too much water and electricity.) But the kids are I are working on looking at things and trying to see what they wanna be in their next life. We made some bird houses and feeders from a chip can, plastic bottles, and an old tea pot. Watch for that video on Friday. Not quite a boat, but you gotta start somewhere.

Here are a few of my upcycling craft favorites from around the interwebs to make something from your trash!

Make a Floor Mat from Leather Belts: Yes, please.
diy leather belt rug
Lots of other great belt diys at this Source

Upcycled Magazine Pages: DIY Paper Gift Bags: Great for craft fairs!
upcycled magazine crafts

Tire Tread Chair: Want!
upcycled tire chair

Soda Bottle Zippered Pouch Making these immediately!
soda pouch bottles zippered container recycled

Records into Stools, or Sidetables How great are these?!
Couldn’t find original source.

Paperclip Chandelier made from 14,700 Paperclips Not sure I’ve the patience for this one, but wow!
paperclip diys chandelier

Old Boot Birdhouse Genius. Pure genius.
diy birdhouse upcycled

T-shirt Skirt These are super cute for summer!

And here’s a little quiet soapbox about recycling and using less.

Recycling Infographic – That’s a lot of trash
recycling infographic

Happy Earth Day/Week/Month/Year – we’ve seen them all!

xo Loves,

Check out a few more upcycled crafts on Pinterest & be sure to follow all of our boards while you’re there!


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T-shirt Yarn + DIY Cat Toys

delores karl hudson the cat

We are over the moon excited to welcome our new kitty home! We adopted her from a great little place called Kitty City (which Riley made a really funny jingle for, but refuses to sing to you guys). Her name was Cass, but we renamed her. Everyone got to choose a name.  And somehow our female cat became Delores Karl Hudson, or Karl Hudson for short. Cracks me up!

She was immediately comfortable and sweet. Mind you this was our second shelter cat in as many weeks. We originally adopted an older female we named Yeti, but she ended up spending the better part of two weeks hiding in a hole in the basement wall. We started calling her “wall kitty”. The foster folks were so sweet to come and coax her out and match us with the perfect pet.

fun with our new cat

All things for a reason, I guess. Anyway, we are loving her like crazy people. Lola wanted to make her toys so we made two and I went nuts pinning others to make real soon.

First we made a dangle cat toy with a piece of yarn and a stick. So simple and highly recommended by kitty Karl Hudson. And we made some t-shirt yarn and turned it into a really simple, crazy easy pom pom.

diy dangler cat toy

Here’s how to make your own t-shirt yarn for cat toys and a bunch of other crafts, too.

diy tshirt yarn crafts

First line up the bottom hem of your shirt and cut it off (this is a very forgiving project) with scissors or a rotary cutter. Then cut the top portion of the shirt off – I cut under the arm holes straight across.

fold leaving one inch_diy tshirt yarn

Next turn your shirt sideways, using one of the uncut sides as the bottom. Then fold from the bottom up leaving about an inch at the top.

diy tshirt yarn 2

Fold from the bottom again, still leaving an inch at the top. This will give you four (4) layers to cut through to make your strips.

make your own tshirt yarn

Cut through the four layers stopping at the one inch you left at the top. I cut through with scissors, but a rotary cutter would have been easier. I cut about one inch strips, but it’s totally up to you.

how to make your own tshirt yarn

Keep cutting your strips all the way to end. Remember not to cut all the way up to the top – leave your one inch uncut. Then you can open it all up to see your long strips and uncut top.

make your own tshirt yarn cutting

You’ll need to cut across the top and I found it easiest to lay it across a plastic bottle. You could put it on your arm, but this is way easier. Make a diagonal cut from the bottom of the first strip to the bottom of the second. Then keep cutting on a diagonal to the end.

You’ll find that the first strip is still attached so just cut it on a diagonal again and you’re all set. Sorry I forgot to snap a pic of the yarn laid out! We were too excited to make it into a toy, I guess!

After you have your yarn ready you can drive your cat crazy make a pom in just minutes!

diy tshirt yarn pom poms

First wrap the yarn around your hand, pull it off your hand and tie another strip in a knot across the middle. Then cut the loops at each end open. Then instant pom pom! You can give yours a little haircut if you want to get a tighter, more uniform pom. We left ours as is because she already wanted to play with it!

But she’s a smart one and refuses to have her picture taken in action. So here are some really bad pics of Karl Hudson staring at us, guarding her new diy cat toy!

diy cat toy

Hope you’ll make these two (ridiculously easy) diy cat toys! And here are some MORE adorable diy cat toys from folks way more creative than me!
diy cat toys
1. Cardboard Mice 2. Fish Head (fish heads, rollie-pollie fish heads…eat them up yum!) 3. Kitty Sushi 4. Knitted Corks

xo, Jennifer, Lola, + DKH the Cat

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Here’s How: DIY Metal Stamped Jewelry & Accessories

Creating your own hand stamped jewelry, key chains, and tokens is easier than you (or we) could have ever imagined. I gave it a shot and then started stamping everything in sight. I’m kind of obsessed – a lucky charm key chain for the man, pendant for the best friend, necklaces for myself and Lola, “dog tags” for Riley, and I’m not done yet! Check out this quick video to start stamping your own!

We’ll be adding some inspiration to our Let’s Make It board, so be sure to follow it on Pinterest. Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

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