DIY Family Crest for Father’s Day

Have you noticed that most Father’s Day gifts tend to stick to a few themes: ties, golf, and beer…right? And while those are all pretty great things, we decided to change it up this year.

Does he love cheese? Snowboarding? Maybe really does love ties, golf, and beer! You can use the crest creator from Gallo Family Vineyards to create a completely custom “family crest” that is as unique as he is. Check out this video tutorial to make these family crest crafts for Father’s Day or any day!

You’ll have a blast making these! And the best part is that the kids can help!

your family name crest

We even made one for ourselves sharing our love of kittens & yarn!


For more diys for dad, follow our Father’s Day Pinterest board. There might even be a few tie, golf, and beer ideas in the mix!


Video: No Sew Super Hero Capes

Learn to make your own DIY Super Hero capes from upcycled T’s! Great for kids, pets, or for a super hero themed birthday party! All you need is a large t-shirt, scissors, and either fabric or markers to decorate!

This is the perfect craft for the long holiday weekend! Have a great one, super heroes!

Kid Shoe Redo: April Showers, Bring May Flowers

kids shoe redo
I think, sometimes, this blog is more about complaining about the weather than it is about crafting. So, in keeping with that theme it’s pouring outside – which I actually love, well if I had nothing to do and I could read a book in bed with the windows open, all by myself with complete and total quiet. But I live in the real world, so…we added a little spring and sunshine to Lola’s shoes instead.

I’ve had a thing for Sharpie shoe makeovers since I was a kid drawing on my Converse (well before they were called Chucks) in math class. And that love has endured! I made some really cute Sharpie/alcohol tie dyed ombre ones for myself that I wear all the time (video coming soon!) and thought Lo would want some, too. If she had her way, we’d be all Laura Ashley and wearing matching dresses in a wheat field all day long! But this time she took a stand for some individuality and asked for “dots like flowers”.

I got out the Sharpies and we picked up a fresh pair of $5 canvas kicks. I put both on the table, giving her free reign,  and she couldn’t be bothered. So she art directed instead. And they turned out pretty cute, if I do say so myself!

diy shoe makeover

We used: 1) a pair of super cheap canvas sneakers, 2) shiny, fresh, new pack of Neon Sharpies, and 3) some Hello Kitty ribbon that we had for laces.

canvas shoe makeover

We talked through She told me where to place the first few flower dots and then she ran away to watch some Electric Company (I think it might be better than we were kids. It’s actually okay, for a kid show.) And came back to control check on me periodically. Thusly, this part of the tutorial is called draw some circles, color them in.

sharpie shoe diy

I made the executive/skilled Sharpie laborer decision to color the seams green and the tongue pink. Turns out she would have done it the opposite, so when you make these you might check with your own 6 year old art director for proper color placement.

drawing on shoes

Then as they started to come together she was so pleased and said that I was like a great artist. Oh, kid! You melt my heart with your sweet, sweet delusions! Yes, you can be President! I added some pink stripes and green polka dots around the kick-toe and base of the shoe. So much adorableness!

kids tennis shoe diy

I added some of the Hello Kitty ribbon for laces, but she took them as soon as I was done snapping pics.

And then as if it were planned, the sun came out a little. She put ’em on (I didn’t add beeswax to set, put ’em in the dryer, or spray with a top coat or anything) and they will be dirty with holes in them by lunch!

diy summer shoes

We’re off to splash in puddles and mess these babies up! If you’ve read this far, you should probably check out another shoe redo with nail polish for glammed out running shoes, too!

xo, Jennifer + Lola, Art Director

P.S. We are going on a Random Acts of Positivity mission later today. Stay tuned for pics! Get your free sticker printable if you haven’t already!

Upcycling is for the Birds: DIY Feeders & Houses

I mentioned this video earlier in the week in my post about Earth Week DIYs. As a family we’re really working hard on making something from “nothing” as my oldest, Riley, would say or “diggin’ for some treasure islands” is what Lola called it when I caught her going head-first into the trash. We’re big on cardboard toys right now and have given up soda (begrudgingly; I would mainline cherry coke if it were socially acceptable), but luckily our neighbors have been saving their bottles for us to create all kinds of goodness.

Check out this post for DIY birdfeeders from a Pringle’s can (I was forced to buy/eat (a lot) of these for the birds. I did it for the birds, you know.), some spoons, and various plastic bottles. And bird houses made from found (around the house) objects like tea pots!

We’re having so much fun crafting things together as a family. Look for all sorts of cardboard armor and shields from Riley, he’s obsessed with Spartans right now. And Lola mostly likes to poke holes in things and tie some yarn on it, so be on the look out for that soon, too.

Happy Earth week/month/year my sweets! No go raid your trash for “treasure islands” or just random stuff needing a second chance!

xo, Jennifer

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DIY Chalkboard Paint + Chalkboard Projects

diy chalkboard door wreath

I’m obsessed with all the cute chalkboard projects on Pinterest lately. Like this one my dear, sweet friend, Heather  made for her front door. They are fancying up their house to put it on the market. So if you know anyone looking for a house in Pittsburgh, PA it’s a cute one. 😉

While there are a ton of colors and places to get chalkboard paint these days, it can get a little pricey. So I figured out how to make my own. I couldn’t believe how simple it was – thought for sure I had missed some steps and it wasn’t going to work. But it did! Watch this quick video to make your own chalkboard paint. And a few suggestion on how to use it!

Now go chalkboard paint ALL THE THINGS, loves!!

xo, Jennifer