A Perfectly Crafted Road Trip

diys for road trip sanity from craftforest.com

We’re hitting the road and wanted to share some of our favorite DIYs to make the trip a little easier, on everyone!

1. All heads need a travel pillow or a special case for their home pillow with room for books and a lovey.

2. Grab a lunch box and fill it full of yummy…art supplies!

3. Keep them entertained with road trip games like this felt tic-tac-toe or this really cool upcycled bubble wrap game!

4. Happy, healthy, and full bellies are a must. Check out this round up of healthy snacks we shared earlier this week.

5. Hitting up some roadside attractions? Make sure everyone is safe with these genius cell phone number bracelets for the littles!

6. Have everyone keep track of their favorite memories with these diy travel journals perfect for every age!

These quick ideas will hopefully help you keep your sanity. Are we there yet?!?!

Happy travels families! You’ve got this.

xo, Jennifer

DIY Shadow Box Frames: Drawing a Day Gallery

make your own gallery frames

A friend of mine recently created a summer drawing group on Facebook, with the idea that adults forget to make time to be creative and that we don’t draw like we did when we were kids. I loved the idea and immediately joined. Then I realized I had to draw. I can’t tell you how humbling this was. My head and hand struggled struggle to work together. My oldest; Riley who is 12;  saw me scribbling away on some computer paper and asked what I was doing. I told him about the group and he said “I don’t draw anymore. I stopped when I was like 10. That’s when you lose it.” Ah, so that’s when you lose it. Age 10.

We talked about drawing and being creative at the advanced ages of almost 13 and, ahem, 39. The 6 year old (who hasn’t lost it yet) joined the conversation. Long story short, we all agreed to draw something, anything, every day for the rest of the summer. I’m loving this time with them. They are both so excited to share their work and take turns picking the suggested topic for the next day.

To keep the excitement and creativity going, I decided to create a gallery for our drawings. I thought about buying those really cool shadow box frames, but then I remembered these boxes that my mom gave me awhile back. She works in a lab and always brings me the coolest boxes and gadgets intended for the trash. I hang onto them with great intentions. And I finally put a few of the boxes to good use.

flipping through drawings

Here’s how to make your own shadow box frames from cardboard boxes:


  • If your mom doesn’t bring you cool boxes, you can use a shoe box or any smallish-sized rectangular cardboard box.
  • Fabric for inserts. I used a few pieces of the Briar Rose by Heather Ross layer cake.
  • Cereal box from the recycling
  • Glue or tape for attaching the fabric
  • Tacks or pushpins for your art
  • Sticky notes or scrap paper
  • Cup hooks – optional hook below frame
  • Soda tab – optional for hanging box on the wall

I cut the top lid off my box and gave it to Lola to use — she made a ring holder, jewelry box out of one. Then, I used a black sharpie to color my cut line. My box was already black so I went with that. I left the egg carton foam inside my box, but it doesn’t really serve a huge purpose, so don’t worry if your cool box doesn’t have it.

diy gallery frame

make your own shadow box frame

Next I cut a piece of the cereal box cardboard to be slightly larger than the width of my box. I wanted it to curve out a bit to give some dimension to the drawings.

scrap cardboard from cereal box

I covered the cereal box rectangle in fabric. I wrapped the cardboard like a present and used some clear Tacky Glue to secure it in place. then I popped it into the box. Easy, huh?

diy fabric lining for box
diy gallery box

Then I grabbed one of the push pins and poked it into the fabric wrapped cardboard. And I screwed a cup hook into the bottom for hanging drawings — you never know.

make your own gallery box

I also used a soda tab hot glued to the back for a hook. They are pretty light weight (provided the hanging drawings aren’t too heavy), so it should work fine.

soda top to hang boxes

I hung them in a row below our dinner conversation painting. I picked this one up for $4 because I love it and it sort of creeps me out. We entertain ourselves by creating stories and dialogue about it. Feel free to create your own!

weird painting

Then we grabbed some markers, yellow sticky notes and got to drawing!

family gallery wall

kids drawing gallery

diy kids drawing frames


The kids are so proud and can’t wait to present their drawings at dinner each night. I think it’s a hit.  We highly suggest making some!

xo, The artists known as Jennifer, Riley, and Lola

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Lola’s Lemonade Stand


Lola and I are gearing up for our annual lemonade stand to benefit Alex’s Lemonade Stand for children’s cancer research. This year we’re holding one at her brother’s birthday party and one for hers. She is so excited and I couldn’t be prouder. She asked for a “real” lemonade stand, “you know, like on tv”. I told her we could research a bit on Pinterest and that we’d do our best to create something we could use every year.

Here’s a little diy lemonade stand inspiration and two amazing lemonade recipes. Enjoy!


This looks like our front runner and pretty easy to put together. I want her to help with the whole process and I think we could manage this one. I LOVE the lemon bunting. The tutorial is great and the little boy looks so happy!

diy lemonade stand 4 crate

This is a really great variation on the first one, using 4 crates for bigger kids. And the way she is sprouting up, we might have to consider this.
Adore the yellow/white stripes and accents of pink. She does, too!

nightstand lemonade

This one uses an old nightstand for the base. What a great idea! I could see this one holding up the best. And we could use the color ideas from the other two. Hmmm, who knew there was so much to consider when making a lemonade stand? (Not me.)

mobile stand

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the original link for this mobile lemonade stand. But had to share it for it’s sheer genius! She said “it’s too hot to walk”, so we’re probably going to stay stationary, but I love it!

We’re thinking lemonade, cookies, and drawings.


Whenever I need a recipe I usually always see if The Pioneer Woman has one first. And of course she does. We might add some strawberries to ours.

strawberry lemonade

This lemonade looks delicious, but like a bit of work, so it might be for the family and not made in bulk. I want some right now though!

In years past we’ve just used a table or a rolling cart, but we’re going all out this year. Have any suggestions for what to sell? Recipes to use? We’d love your comments. Thanks!!

xo, Jennifer and Lola

Make This Sidewalk Chalk Paint

We’re gearing up for a long weekend with some out of town guest! We’ll have 8 kids on hand (that’s a lot of kids!) and I wanted to have lots of fun activities to keep ’em busy and that would span the age group. One of the activities we have is sidewalk chalk paint.

And we made a video to show you how to make your own with just 3 ingredients! And the best part is that the kids can help and older kids can make it themselves!

We’re huge fans of freezing it in popsicle molds. It’s so much fun to watch the drawing change and take shape as it melts! I also picked up some spray bottles and mustard bottles from the dollar store for the kids use with it, too!

We’ll probably go up to the school playground up the street to make our masterpieces.I’ll share pics after the weekend!

Happy July 4th everyone!

xo, Jennifer

DIY Party Hats for Kids & Toys with Free Template

Celebrate their birthday in style with these quick, DIY party hats! We’ve taken the guess work out and created a template to print and trace. We’ve also included a smaller template to create matching hats for their favorite doll or stuffed animals! Look for the free downloadable template just after the video.

12 x 12 Scrapbook Paper
Free Template
Ribbon, pom poms, buttons, etc. to decorate
Packing or Scotch tape

click to download party hat template

Be sure to print two (2) copies of the template as the smaller is printed inside the larger one.
Have fun party animals! xo

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