Tie Dye with Sharpies: Shoes, Pillowcase + More


(Via Houseandhome.com)

I’ve never been a Deadhead (sorry Shawn) and Phish makes me feel like I need a shower, but I do really (really) love tie dye. Like a lot. Though we call it “sky dyed” at our house, because that’s the kind of backpack Lola wanted last year and it just kind of stuck.

After seeing a lot of tutorials to tie dye with Sharpies and alcohol I wanted to give it a try. I’m in love with the ombre effect of using one color Sharpie with the rubbing alcohol! I updated some canvas shoes, made some pillow cases and updated some dated fabric napkins. Take a look!

This is one I’m going to keep playing with for sure. I have some yoga tops that are looking a little ratty and maybe this is just what they need!

What about you guys? Are you loving these more modern tie dyes or do you think the trend should stay in the ’70’s?