Easiest DIY Fabic Bunting!

diy fabric bunting_mantle decor
I do two, count ’em two shoe makeovers this week for Shoe Saturday. And both ended up looking really (really) homemade. And not in a good way. Shoe DIYs can often walk that fine line between the “why did she ruin those shoes by drawing dots on them?!” to “I love those polka dot shoes! Where’d you get them?!” These would be the former. But all hope isn’t lost…gonna try, try again.  Pics of failures and reattempts very soon, loves.

But I did have a great success making a cute little fabric bunting! Everyone knows I’m a huge MSQC fan girl (I’m even  lucky enough to borrow their studio from time to time! I still can’t believe it!) and yesterday Jenny posted a new video with the simplest instructions for a fabric pennant that I’ve ever seen. I immediately wanted to make one to spring up the living room. It’s so dark and coffin-y in there.

diy fabric pennant

I had a Bungalow by Free Spirit Fabrics layer cake that I had been hording saving for sometime. BTW layer cakes are 10″ precut fabric squares in a coordinating line. I am crazy in love with this line and each one is even prettier than the last. I know this is supposed to be No Sew month, but this was too cute and too easy not to try.

Here’s what you need:
(1) Layer Cake – precut 10″ squares, or cut your own (I didn’t use a full layer cake because I wanted a smaller banner)
Sewing Machine

Jenny can explain much better than I (though this one is pretty easy to explain!). I parked my laptop next to my sewing machine and make this right along with the video – like I usually do.

Before you get started a  few quick things to note: she’s using solids, so she didn’t say to fold right sides (or the print) together (not that anyone would sew four of these before noticing – ahem) so be sure you do that. Also, I didn’t have twill tape so I used some red ric rac that I already had, but ribbon or yarn or anything could work to hold these together.

Mine aren’t perfect, but they are cute and came together ridiculously fast. One thing I wish that I’d have done was to push the ric rac down between pennants and then only chain pieced (continual sewing) the pennants together rather than sewing across the ric rac in between.

These are the perfect “look what I made this weekend! I am a crafting goddess!” project. I’ll be making a million of these! How ’bout you??


Earth Week DIYs & Upcycling Projects

Recycled-Bottle Boat

I’ll humblebrag and say that I’m a pretty good recycler – I even bring bottles home from restaurants who say they don’t recycle, that counts right? What I’m not always great about is giving that plastic bottle, or cardboard box a new life. (And I use waaaaaaay too much water and electricity.) But the kids are I are working on looking at things and trying to see what they wanna be in their next life. We made some bird houses and feeders from a chip can, plastic bottles, and an old tea pot. Watch for that video on Friday. Not quite a boat, but you gotta start somewhere.

Here are a few of my upcycling craft favorites from around the interwebs to make something from your trash!

Make a Floor Mat from Leather Belts: Yes, please.
diy leather belt rug
Lots of other great belt diys at this Source

Upcycled Magazine Pages: DIY Paper Gift Bags: Great for craft fairs!
upcycled magazine crafts

Tire Tread Chair: Want!
upcycled tire chair

Soda Bottle Zippered Pouch Making these immediately!
soda pouch bottles zippered container recycled

Records into Stools, or Sidetables How great are these?!
Couldn’t find original source.

Paperclip Chandelier made from 14,700 Paperclips Not sure I’ve the patience for this one, but wow!
paperclip diys chandelier

Old Boot Birdhouse Genius. Pure genius.
diy birdhouse upcycled

T-shirt Skirt These are super cute for summer!

And here’s a little quiet soapbox about recycling and using less.

Recycling Infographic – That’s a lot of trash
recycling infographic

Happy Earth Day/Week/Month/Year – we’ve seen them all!

xo Loves,

Check out a few more upcycled crafts on Pinterest & be sure to follow all of our boards while you’re there!


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Random Acts of Positivity Sticker Sheet

DIY Chalkboard Paint + Chalkboard Projects

diy chalkboard door wreath

I’m obsessed with all the cute chalkboard projects on Pinterest lately. Like this one my dear, sweet friend, Heather  made for her front door. They are fancying up their house to put it on the market. So if you know anyone looking for a house in Pittsburgh, PA it’s a cute one. 😉

While there are a ton of colors and places to get chalkboard paint these days, it can get a little pricey. So I figured out how to make my own. I couldn’t believe how simple it was – thought for sure I had missed some steps and it wasn’t going to work. But it did! Watch this quick video to make your own chalkboard paint. And a few suggestion on how to use it!

Now go chalkboard paint ALL THE THINGS, loves!!

xo, Jennifer



DIYs for My Dream Backyard

backyard movie theater lounge - backyard lounge - outdoor design - patio design and decor via pinterest

I’m on a spring cleaning jag and thinking a lot about being outside. Grilling veggies, playing in the grass, my kids laughing, birds chirping. I can’t wait! Today it’s dark and stormy, but I keep thinking about DIYs for the yard. Well, the yard we don’t really have. We’ve a huge front porch, decent sized front yard and then a weird, little paved  sideyard. But it has potential, I think.

smile and wave fence

I’ve been revisiting a lot of the backyard ideas from Rachel at Smile and Wave, like this privacy fence she created over a chain link fence.  She’s my blog crush for sure Does anyone say that any more?? I don’t care. She is.

I want to add a privacy screen, a garden, a cozy little nook, and maybe a place for the kids to play in the water this summer.  Here are some of my inspiration pins.

I’ll pretend it isn’t the Midwest and we won’t be eaten alive by mosquitoes.
outdoor space - outdoor dining - flowers - romantic picnic - outdoor decor and design - dining room pillow chairs via pinterest

We’ve had small container gardens in the past, but this year I’d like to really try hard to grow more.
vertical garden
The pin goes nowhere, and I didn’t find the original source. Here’s one that gives you the general idea.

Thinking something like this could act as a privacy fence, too. Going to see if I can talk the man into helping.

This one is a pipe dream, but I’d love to have a pond some day.
tire into pond
I’m not doing great at loving original sources am I? This one also goes nowhere, but the pictures give you the gist.

This is on the list for sure. But it’ll have to be in the front.

I’d want to read, cuddle up and never leave this little spot. I’d add some twinkle lights, too.

Maybe you have a little patch of grass that you could fancy up. I’m going to keep decorating my fake one on Pinterest, but yours could be real! Lucky, lucky you!!

So, what does your dream yard look like?

xo, Jennifer

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DIY Family Tree: Celebrate Your Crazy

Family Tree Ornaments and Magnets_craftforest

All families are just a little bit weird, right? But it’s that specific brand of weird that makes ’em yours. My family’s weird comes with scarcasm, gossip, a little booze, and lots and lots of laughing. They are amazing and I don’t know what I’d do without them.

When I recently inherited the family photo albums, I hated the thought of having them tucked away on a shelf never to be looked at again. (It was my favorite thing to do with my grandma when I was growing up.) So I decided to create a new version of the family tree to keep the crazy out year round!

Check out this quick video to make your own. Sorry I look so crazed in the image! Youtube really loves to only allow the thumbnails where I either appear to be shouting, frowning, doing a weird side-mouth thing, or all three together. Enjoy!

Be sure to tell me your best “my family is crazy” story in the comments. Bonus points if your mom had an afro, too!



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