Oh, Baby! Baby DIYs & Crazy Great Products

Some dear friends of mine are expecting their first baby this summer and the news got my head a flutter with all things baby (for them mind you, them. Those days are long past in this household.)

I can’t wait to make and buy lots of teeny-tiny things for them! Here’s a little baby fever inspiration!


Bunny Brother & Sister Dolls
Adorable pattern for DIY bunny softies. I might have to make these for Riley & Lola even though he is going to be 13 this summer!


Totoro Costume
There are no words for how incredibly cute this is. I’m gonna insist they have their baby wear this every day!


DIY Baby Rocking Scooter
I want this in my size!!


Crunchy Jellyfish


Green Swiss Cross Swadle
Grab this one or DIY your own. Lots of other colors, too!


Pretty much anything from Milk&Masuki
We’re especially taken with the fox prints!


The Ultimate Baby Changing Station DIY
Great tutorial, also includes links to tutorials on how to make a cute diaper wipes cover and diaper bag!

Okay, I think I have to lie down now. My ovaries are getting the best of me.

xo, Jennifer


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Spring Breakdowns: The Craft Blues


We live in a border town and one kid goes to school in Missouri and one in Kansas, with two different spring breaks. The older one wanted to play Call of Duty the entire week for his and now the younger one wants to make things all week. Pretty cool. But already I’m exhausted.

Little’s cousin’s go to the same school, so we’re having a couple of girls days. So far we’ve written a play, played outside, made books, did some embroidery, played dress up, and they’ve eaten everything. It’s been pretty fun!

While we were doing all of those things I was trying to work on a quilt top from a tutorial. And it just went all wrong. I kept making silly mistakes. The girls gave me time to work, but I just couldn’t get it. Super frustrating.


No one talks about how defeating this stuff can be sometimes. We laugh at our Craft FAILS and marvel at the amazing projects on Pinterest, but the in between gets a little lost. I’m feeling kind of in between today. I know I’m capable of stitching some fabric together, but sometimes it just doesn’t work.

Today is one of those days.


I’m excited to keep making, but frustrated that even “simple” things aren’t coming easily. Not throwing a pity party, well because I’m sure someone on Pinterest threw it better, but I’ve got the craft blues today.

Ever feel like that? How do you get your creative spirit back? Please leave a comment today, I’m a little needy. 😉

xo, Jennifer




10 Minute Pillow Cover & Lola’s Pop Up Card

I’ve been really wanting a black and white living room for some time now. I’ve been obsessed. But recently, reality hit and I looked around at my collection of roadside finds and inherited odds and ends to realize it just wasn’t going to happen. I think somehow I thought if I changed the colors I’d have one of those rooms from Pinterest. You know the ones – the ones that make you hate everything you own instantly. But as I looked around at the worn rag rug and random mix of colors, I kind of loved it again. Well, that or I just settled. Either way color is back at Casa Hoyt. [Pictures after I settle in with it a bit more.]

In embracing the things we had, I decided to give a tangled mess of yarn from a  failed arm knit blanket a new life. This matted bundle has been sitting there taunting me for a few months. I did eventually figure arm knitting out, but never took the time to unravel this guy to try again. Soooo, I decided to stuff it into a pillow cover instead. And for that I needed a pillow cover!

mess of yarn

Enter the shirt that has been patiently been waiting for me to either lose weight or to be donated. Instead of donating it (yep, you knew that would have been the end result), I chopped it up and created the world’s fastest, and most imperfect pillow cover. But it works and it’s super soft!

diy pillow cover from button up shirt

You’ll need:
Button-down shirt (Men’s or a boxy cut would work best, but I used a Ladies)
Pillow form (or batting, old t-shirts, or giant mess of yarn like me)

diy pillow cover from shirt

I knew my shirt wasn’t going to be a perfect square or rectangle because of the darts and curved seaming – but I was okay with that. Pillow covers are incredibly forgiving and the kids are going to have their feet all over it anyway!

I buttoned the shirt and then cut the top portion with the arms and collar off. I was super precise in my measurements cutting armpit to armpit. That’s a technical term, right? Don’t feel bad if you can’t hang with my highly advanced sewing techniques. After removing the arms and the collar, I left it buttoned and turned the shirt inside out.

cutting top of the shirt off

Then I sewed a straight line across both the top and the bottom. This could even be done no sew with hem tape or a glue gun!

sewing the bottom and top of shirt

It’s pretty easy to open the buttons even when the shirt is inside out.

pillow cover inside out

Turn it right side out and straighten your corners. You could press it here if you wanted, too. Ummm, I didn’t. Again, the small people will be putting feet on it and/or launching it at one another shortly.

Next I stuffed the Flying Spaghetti Monster mess of yarn into the cover, making sure to get enough in the corners and make it as lump-free as possible.

stuffing pillow cover

I quickly buttoned it up concealing the yarn, hairy chest inside. This Tom Selleck pillow will be our little secret, internet.

pillow hairy yarn chest

Then I threw it on the sofa and took a nap. Okay, so I can only dream about the nap part. But you should totally add that to your steps!
finished pillow with nap drawing

This one really was a “quick, easy DIY”. I have some men’s shirts stashed away with proper pillow forms. Maybe they should finally become pillows, too!

How about you? Go raid the closet or the thrift stores for some button or snap front shirts to make some of your own!

But before you do, Lola made a pop-up card that she really wanted you guys to see. Don’t you just love it?!  She says it’s the two of us dancing until a giant smashes us in a book. Alright then.

diy pop up card

Keep dancing darlins! But watch out for those giants. xo


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DIY Fabric Earrings

diy fabric earrings

Lola really wants her ears pierced, but it’s not gonna happen anytime soon. Sooo, I made her some little clip on earrings with buttons, fabric, and googly eyes. She was in love. Maybe you will be, too!

Check out this short video to make your own Japanese zakka inspired fabric earrings in clip or pierced.

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Quilted Potholder from Fabric Scraps

quilted potholders from fabric scraps

I’m not a great sewer. I don’t think I have to tell you that. But I’m trying. So, I keep looking for beginner sewing projects to work on straight lines, catching all the layers of fabric, and following directions. Well, I got two out of three this time. So that’s kinda great!

quilted potholder tutorials

I sort of used this tutorial from Make (mushroom/scissors image up there), but mostly just kind of wung it (is that the past tense of ‘wing it’?!). When I make more I’ll bind using this tutorial from Simple Simon.

Scrap fabric
Batting (I used some left over fleece)
Backing fabric
Binding (I used one jelly roll strip), or you could make without binding with the Make tutorial

scraps, fleece, and backing for potholders

I pieced 3 scraps that I really liked together. Combined they were roughly 9 x 10. Then I cut the fleece and a larger scrap for the back to match.

quilting fabric scraps

I pieced these three and sewed the wrong sides of the gray circle and the blue solid to the larger black & white piece to create the front. I used a 1/4 sew allowance throughout.

quilting your potholder

Then I sandwiched the backing face-side down, then the fleece, and the top face-side up. I didn’t use quilt basting or pins because my fleece was staticy enough that they all stayed together. Then I stitched straight lines to quilt it all together.

measuring jelly roll strip

Instead of cutting my own bias tape, I used a precut jelly roll strip that is 2.5″ x 44″. I folded the strip in half and pressed it firmly. Here’s a good binding tutorial video that can explain this process much better than I could.

I machine sewed the binding to the back (based on the video) and then hand stitched to the front. My corners didn’t quite work so I just folded them over onto itself and sewed ’em down. Oh, also you can tell where I started and stopped because I cut my pieces too short to use the tip in the video. Oops!

front and back of potholder

BUT I sewed some really darn near straight lines and caught all the layers of fabric the first time around. It’s the little things, you know? So what if I wasn’t so great with directions?

The good thing is that my pots can still be held! And they don’t care in the slightest that I kinda made this one up. It’s all kinds of crazy, but I still love it!

quilted potholder

These are next on the list! The blog is in Japanese without a tutorial, but I think I can figure this one out. Aren’t they cute?

fabrickaz+idees pot mats

Pot Mats from fabrickaz+idees

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