Beach Blanket (Bingo)

I love summer! Kids are home from school, lots of movies in the park, free summer concerts, days at the pool…and the beach! Well, okay, we’re in the Midwest, soooo no beach. But we can pretend, can’t we?

Grab your sunblock and a few bath towels and let’s make something. Bath towels?? Yep, that’s right. We’re gonna make a big beach blanket with two (old or new, whichever) bath towels.

We did a straight stitch in the video and didn’t worry about finishing the seams on the back. This is a QUICK put it together and USE it tutorial. I made 5 for the family and we’ve washed and used them at the pool a handful of times now with no issues. But you can certainly use your serger (if you have one) or if you don’t you could just zig-zag the seams. This is your beach quilt. We just wanted to give ya the idea!

Happy summer everyone! Now where is that cabana boy?!