Be Good to Yourselves: Mantra Pocket Mirror

diy mantra mirror

A new, but already dear, friend has recently started chemotherapy for her arthritis. She’s been a bit down on herself; beating herself up for being tired or not feeling quite like herself. We talked about her recent use of personal mantras like “I am strong” and “I’ve got this“.  She mentioned writing them on her bathroom mirror so she’d see them throughout the day.

I made these little pocket mirrors with her in mind. You can write your mantra on them with a Sharpie and quickly change it anytime you want, by simply wiping it with a damp tissue. But the Sharpie stays in place perfectly until you wipe it away.

mantra mirrors

diy pocket mirror

i am strong close up

I’ll share a tutorial if you guys are interested. Lola and I like them, but not sure if they are the most practical.

kitty affirmations

If I were going to make them again, I’d probably use cardboard to make it more like a little fabric covered book, with the mirror embeded the same way. I’d still cover it with fabric and I kinda like the random stitching.

Let me know in the comments if you want to see a tutorial on these and/or a modified version. Be good to yourselves!

xo, Jennifer and Lola (and our cat Karl)