Craft Forest is a crafting & DIY community for regular people. I pin hundreds of thousands of super cute things that I “just can’t wait to make” and then never make any of them. Sound familiar?

Jennifer Hoyt Craft Forest

I find myself really intimidated by craft blogs and Pinterest, saying things like “there is no way I could make that” or “that looks really hard!” and my favorite, which I’ll probably still say, “who has time for that?!” It’s so easy to get overwhelmed by all of the cuteness and desire to make the perfect organic lunch, packed in a quilted bag, for my incredibly well-dressed children. But that just didn’t feel like me . So, I decided to start small. Make something I pin – every week. That’s it. Just make…something. It probably (read won’t) be perfect, but that’s not really the point here.

the kids of craft forest

The life I lead on Pinterest is beautiful and well-curated, but it’s not real. Or real for me anyway. Our house is always a little bit messy, my hair will never be perfectly coifed, and my kids hate kale (try as I might).

Riley hates kale_craft forest

So, I don’t claim to be expert – far from it. But I have a genuine desire to learn and share what I know.¬†Craft Forest is focused on beginner crafts, DIY home decor, crafting with kids, and finding great ways to repurpose the things you already have. Sounds easy enough, right? ¬†(Insert ominous music and reader knowledge that those are famous last words here, please.)