14 Valentines for Him & Her

14 valentines for him and her by craftforest.com

Inspired by Amber over at Crappy Pictures, this year I’m taking Valentine’s Day back from the small people. Stop eating my candy and globing all the love, you adorable little mooches! Okay, maybe you can have some of my candy (that I , um, buy for myself on sale the next day), but leave the coconut ones un-poked because I actually love them.

coconut-candy by crappy pictures

So, in celebration of all things romantic love, here’s a round up of my top 14 valentine picks for him and her. Skip the over-priced roses and fancy dinners in favor of something a little more thoughtful (and handmade) this year.

Wood You Be Mine

1. Wood You Be Mine card: For all the lumberjacks and lumberjills in your life. Adorable. And kinda looks like my Valentine.

diy bobble beanie

2. DIY Bobble Beanie: Customize a beanie for him or her with cute little heart accents. Even I can do this one – I think! Directions are in French, but easy to follow or use Google translate.

diy man balm

3. DIY Man Beauty Balm – Give him soft hands and perfect hair, and this concoction can be personalized with your man’s favorite scents.

heartthrob earrings

4. Heartthrob Earrings – Ryan Gosling whispering sweet nothings into her/your ear all day long. Enough said.

vintage valentines

5. 6 Vintage Valentines And if you haven’t quite settled down, here’s a little collection for your sweetie(s). They don’t quite make ’em like they used to do they?

leather soda/beer carton

6. Reuseable Beer/Soda Carton (6 pack) Simply beautiful leather 6-pack drink carrier.

triple stack rings valentines day

7. Triple Stacked Rings: Love her three times, baby, with these beautiful hammered sterling silver triple stack rings. These delicate rings are the perfect gift.

diy massage oil

8. DIY Massage Oil: Create your own all-natural bath & massage oil for your honey and some for yourself.

starwars valentine diy

9. DIY Star Wars Valentine: “I love you.” “I know.”

couples pillow cases

10. Couples Pillow Cases: Claim your side of the bed with these adorable glasses pillow cases. Get ’em on Etsy or make your own with freezer paper stencils.

miss you card

11. I Miss You When You’re Gone: For those of you us in long-distance relationships, here’s a card to let them know just how much they are missed.

cross stitch heart necklace

12. DIY Cross Stitch Necklace: For her, yourself, or your best friend. I love this bamboo cross stitch necklace!

diy fort kit

13. DIY Fort Kit: Okay, so this was a Christmas gift for a kiddo…but create a fort for the two of you with candles, cozy blankets, and a Netflix marathon on the laptop.

Easy 2 Ingredient Massage Lotion Bars by Mary Banducci for sweet roots

14. 2 Ingredient Lotion Bars: Use these sweet hearts for lotion or massage bars – because I really have been promising him a massage for far too long!

I probably could have kept going for 114 more, but then it might have become a request list for myself. Hmmm…

What DIY Valentines for him or her are you pinning or making this year? I’d love some more ideas. Tell me in the comments – he won’t read ’em.